No Col­lu­sion, No Ob­struc­tion – Move On!

The Jewish Voice - - EDITORIAL -

Hon­estly, we're con­fused. We don't know if we're sit­ting in Strat­fordOn-the-Avon watch­ing a Shake­speare tragedy or in the fi h row of old Loew's Kingsway, view­ing a Marx Brothers com­edy. Of course we're dis­cussing the cur­rent cry or laugh pro­duc­tion or­ches­trated by the Demo­crat Party. The sce­nario be­gan with the Hil­lary and Bernie trench-like war­fare for the '16 pres­i­den­tial nom­i­na­tion. Hil­lary out-chore­ographed her op­po­nent by hav­ing the direc­tors at the DNC il­le­gally mar­shal the "im­par­tial" troops of the main­stream me­dia to de­feat her Com­mu­nist op­po­nent. Then the dra­matic col­lapse of Hil­lary in front of the cam­era while en­ter­ing her limo and be­ing rushed to the built in emer­gency room at Chelsea's apart­ment for what might have been treat­ment by ei­ther a Dr. Kil­dare or Franken­stein. Par­don us, we don't know the names of all the char­ac­ters.

Then, the dra­matic loss to Don­ald Trump and a pan­icked in­ter­mis­sion while the screen­play was be­ing fran­ti­cally re-writ­ten back­stage. The new man­u­script has the sud­den en­try of Rus­sia into the sce­nario as the arch en­emy of all of us and the ally of the new pres­i­dent. We are led to be­lieve that the dark char­ac­ter of Putin has turned against his most loyal bene­fac­tors, agents and sup­port­ers for the past 70 years, the Demo­crat Party, and al­lied his Darth Vador like forces with the arch cap­i­tal­ist and anti-Com­mu­nist, Don­ald Trump. Of course, we are to sus­pend dis­be­lief and the knowl­edge that Hil­lary sold out.... while sit­ting as our Sec­re­tary of State, 20 per­cent of our own ura­nium de­posits to Putin's regime for his na­tion's pur­chase with over 20 mil­lion dol­lars in "con­tri­bu­tions" to the Hil­lary, Bill and Chelsea Clin­ton Crim­i­nal Fund. Or that in 2012, our then Pres­i­dent Obama ut­tered on cam­era to his coun­ter­part of the Soviet Union that Putin must be pa­tient un­til his (Obama's) sec­ond term in offic be­fore the United States can give him what­ever he wanted.

Now we're see­ing the James Comey char­ac­ter read into the new­est script that has the story line of Trump be­ing in "col­lu­sion" with Rus­sia to un­der­mine our democ­racy. Of course, this is based on the fi tion that for­mer FBI Di­rec­tor Comey is 100% hon­est as the day is long. We must go fact- search­ing alone to dis­cover that he, Comey him­self, has deep long time Clin­ton re­la­tion­ships and his brother had worked for the Clin­ton Foun­da­tion. Th ow in his eyes closed re­sponse to At­tor­ney Gen­eral Lynch's bil­lion to one meet­ing on a dis­tant tar­mac with Bill Clin­ton to dis­cuss their grand­kids and golf, while their air­craft were nose to nose for nearly an hour. Hard to be­lieve but we sadly must re­port that at any mo­ment new Dem screen­writ­ers will be re­cruited to in­tro­duce new char­ac­ters and sce­nar­ios for the next three and one half years. Per­haps they'll in­tro­duce our grand­mother's the­ory of the "evil eye" in the next run. Hey, re­mem­ber the clas­sic lines, "The e's no busi­ness like show busi­ness," and "The show must go on!"

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