Jroot Ra­dio Rocks!!

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Dear Edi­tor,

There is a wonderful free ra­dio sta­tion in our com­mu­nity that my fam­ily re­ally en­joys, and I want to thank them and make sure ev­ery­one is aware.

It’s called Jroot, and it pro­vides great Jewish mu­sic, ex­cel­lent shi­urim, and call in shows with fam­ily and mar­riage ther­a­pists (Mordechai Wein­berger, R’ Yitz Green­field), and kid’s story pro­grams my chil­dren can’t wait to hear. It’s the only sta­tion my hus­band and I feel com­fort­able list­ing to in the car.

It is on 94.1 FM (on my home ra­dio it seems to be clearer on 94.2 FM) it’s on 24 hours a day, six days a week. The sta­tion can also be lis­tened to live on jrootra­dio. com, and by phone 712-432-4217.

Some of the pop­u­lar shows that we love are Clas­sic Ni­gu­nim by El­chonon Ha­mada, Shab­bos Shoutout by DJYe­huda Mehlman, Par­sha by Rabbi Fis­chel Schachter, Leyel Shishi by Yoely Kar, Sto­ries by Rabbi Yitzy Erps, Kashrus by Rabbi Yosef Wik­ler, Shi­urim by Rab­bis Jonathan Ri­etti, Zecharia Waller­stein, Moshe Tu­via Li­eff, Daniel Glat­stein, Yosef Mizrahi, Lawrence Kele­men, Akiva Tatz, Duvi Ben­sous­san, Aharon Walkin, Shay Ta­han and more. They also play shi­urim by Rabbi Shlomo Pearl and Rabbi Noah Weinberg z”l.

It’s so re­fresh­ing to have a To­rahdik sta­tion in our com­mu­nity, my fam­ily and I re­ally ap­pre­ci­ate it. May all those in­volved in Jroot have con­tin­ued Hat­zlacha in your work. Suri Co­hen

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