NYC Em­ploy­ees Lose 17K Hours of Work Due to Sub­way De­lays

The Jewish Voice - - NEW YORK - By Hadassa Kala­ti­zadeh

that“That this show­sis a prob­lemvery clearly has been get­ting worse,” that

Tran­sit be-comem­ore de­lays than have just a nui­sance.NY city em­ploy­eesSo far in 2017,have missedto the MTA’s 17,143 crum­blinghours of work sub­way­due sys­tem,Daily re­port­edThat sets by the the stage NY for 26,000 city hours work­er­sof workto miss this near­lyyear, dis­rup-tions.po­ten­tial­ly­tar­di­ness due set­tingto ser­vicea record of to­tal of Last 19,417 year, hours work­er­sall year missed long a duethe tar­di­nessto sub­way in­creased­de­lays. This nearly year30 per­centsub­way from prob­lem­slast year.led to In 19,142 2015, missedin the year hours, 2014. up 5% from 18,191 this“Thatis a shows prob­lem very that clear­ly­has been that get­ting Si­fuen-tes,deputy worse,” di­rec­tor­said Nickof tran­sit ad­vo­cacy“It went from group be­ing Ridersa slow- Al­liance. burn cri­sis Ac­cord­ingto an emer­gency.”to an anal­y­sis by Of-fice(the IBO), In­de­pen­dent­n­early all Bud­get­the dates with work the due mostto a missed tran­sit hours prob­lem of cor­re­spond There with are ma­jor plenty sub­wayof woes. ex-am­ples. blocked On pipe Jan­uary­burst at 9th, West an 4thice St.- caus­ing Wash­ing­tona to­tal loss Squareof 1,075 sta­tion,hours of Fri­day work. April On 21, thea power morn­ing out­age of shut down Sub­waythe 53rd sta­tion St.- Seven­th­for Av­enue sev-eral 1,066 hours,city work re­sult­ing the On loss Mayof 9th,the Dekalban A. M. Ave. power sta­tion, out­age caused at City hours work­er­sof work. to miss an­other 725 paid The for missedby the hoursc­ity. City were work­ersmostly are prove paid that for they lost were time, no­tif theyat fault.can All sub­mit the a work­er­slet­ter fromhad to the do MTAwas ver­i­fy­ing­me­dian hourlythe de­lay. rate Basedof rough­lyon the $ work 32.40 weekan hour which for citya 40- work­ers hour make,so far this the year 17,143 equates hours to missed about $ 555,000“The state that shouldthe city step has up lost. now andto tax sup­port­the wealth­i­est­the mayor’s1 per­cent­plan to sub-wayspay and for buses,the fix and of re­turnour the half-the MTA mil­lion to fund dol­lars the it im­me­di­ate­took from turnaroundto work — lit­er­ally,”plan. It’s said time Austinto get Fi­nan, Bla­sio. Spokesman for Mayor de expe-ri­enced“Any on in­creasethe sub­wayin de­lays show the crit­i­calthe MTA’s need Sub­wayto sup­port Ac­tion and fund Plan and Bla­sio why shouldCity Hall step andup May­orand fundde their spokesman,half of Sham­s­the plan,” Tarek. said MTA

So work far duein 2017,to the NY MTA’sc­ity em­ploy­ees crum­bling have sub­way missed sys­tem, 17,143as re­port­ed­hours of by nearly the 26,000NY Daily hours News.of workThat set­sthis year,the stage po­ten­tial­ly­for city set­ting work­ers a to record­miss of tardiness due to ser­vice dis­rup­tions

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