Miller, Evans, Fehren­bacher shine at English Show

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CEN­TRE­VILLE — The Queen Anne’s County Fair English Horse Show was held Tues­day, Aug. 7. Show Judge Terry Helder of Wrightville, Pa. (lo­cated be­tween Lan­caster and York), de­cided the show fol­low­ing the 4-H’ers per­for­mances. The weather started out ex­tremely hu­mid Tues­day morn­ing, and the hu­mid­ity ac­tu­ally de­clined as the morn­ing pro­gressed, but the tem­per­a­tures in­creased to the low 90s by early after­noon. The 4-H’ers seemed not to pay much at­ten­tion to the heat, as they rested them­selves and horses un­der shade trees be­tween try­ing to do their best in the show ring.

The top per­form­ers of the day were rec­og­nized in each 4-H age group, Ju­niors (810), In­ter­me­di­ates (11-13), and Se­niors (14-18), im­me­di­ately fol­low­ing the show. Sr. 4-Her Maken­zie Miller, 17, of Ch­ester, show­ing “AOK Think Mr. Peters,” earned Over­all English Se­nior High Point Cham­pion, win­ning four of five classes she en­tered, tak­ing Sr. Fit­ting & Show­man­ship, Sr. Equi­tation, Sr. Plea­sure, and Sr. Com­mand. She took sec­ond in Model Hunter Geld­ing to High Point Re­serve Cham­pion Han­nah Scott, 17, of Stevensville, who showed her horse “Ace.” Han­nah won Over­all English Con­fir­ma­tion Cham­pion with “Ace,” beat­ing out Mckenzie for top hon­ors in that fi­nals class. Both girls have been mem­bers of the Kent Is­land High School Equestrian Team dur­ing the school year.

In the In­ter­me­di­ate di­vi­sion, Grace Evans, 12, of Ch­ester, show­ing “So Hot I’m Awe­some,” took the In­ter­me­di­ate 4-H English High Point. She won Fit­ting & Show­man­ship, English Plea­sure, and Com­mand. She placed sec­ond in Equi­tation. Re­serve High Point Cham­pion was Jil­lian Stringer, 12, of Queenstown, show­ing “Chance.” It was the sec­ond year both girls have shown at the QA Fair horse show.

The Ju­nior 4-H di­vi­sion High Point Cham­pion was El­iz­a­beth Fehren­bacher, 10, of Eas­ton, show­ing her horse “Echo,” and Ju­nior Re­serve High Point Cham­pion was Ad­di­son Eader, 9, of Stevensville, show­ing her horse “Sweet as Kandi.” The com­pe­ti­tion be­tween the two lead­ers was fierce, as El­iz­a­beth won Jr. Equi­tation WTC, won two Pony jump­ing classes, and placed sec­ond in Jr. Com­mand, and sec­ond in Jr. Equi­tation, as well as sec­ond in Jr. Equi­tation Over Fences, both times just be­hind Ad­di­son. Ad­di­son won Jr. Fit­ting & Show­man­ship, Jr. Equi­tation, Jr. Plea­sure, and three Jr. horse jump­ing classes. This is only the sec­ond year the QA Fair horse show has awarded high points. Be­fore 2017, it had never been done be­fore.

Former QA 4-H stand­out Me­gan Wise Borga was this year’s Horse Show Chair­man and re­ceived a ma­jor as­sist from Betty Webster.

The fol­low­ing are the com­plete English Horse Show re­sults: Model Hunter Pony 1. “Paris” — Ju­lia Haynes 2. “Onyx” — Ju­lia My­ers 3. “Noah” — Casey Turner Model Hunter Mare 1. “Lit­tle Kata Cool” — Jen­nifer Gannon

2. “Lady Free­dom” — Rylie Lowe

3. “So Hot I’m As­sume” — Grace Evans

4. “Sweetie” — Haynes

5. “Sweet as Kandi” — Ad­di­son Eader Model Hunter Geld­ing 1. “Ace” — Han­nah Scott 2. “AOK Think Mr. Peters” — Maken­zie Miller

3. “Chance” — Stringer 4. “Starr” — Al­li­son Dill 5. “Bel Figleo” — Sophia Bevins

Cham­pion English Con­fir­ma­tion: “Ace” — Han­nah Scott Ania Jil­lian

Re­serve Cham­pion English Con­fir­ma­tion: “AOK Think Mr. Peters” — Maken­zie Miller

Jr. Fit­ting & Show­man­ship 1. Ad­di­son Eader 2. Austin Eader 3. Ju­lia Haynes 4. Al­li­son Dill 5. El­iz­a­beth Fehren­bacher In­ter­me­di­ate Fit­ting & Show­man­ship 1. Grace Evans 2. Sophia Bevins 3. Jil­lian Stringer 4. Anna Mae Cephas 5. Ania Haynes 6. Ju­lia My­ers Sr. Fit­ting & Show­man­ship 1. Maken­zie Miller 2. Jen­nifer Gannon 3. Bre­anna Mood 4. Han­nah Scott Cham­pion Fit­ting & Show­man­ship — Maken­zie Miller

Re­serve Cham­pion Fit­ting & Show­man­ship — Jen­nifer Gannon

Open Un­der 8 Fit­ting & Show­man­ship 1. Lau­ren Levasseur 2. Pay­ton Dill Open Un­der 8 Lead­line 1. Lau­ren Levasseur 2. Pay­ton Dill Open Un­der 8 Walk 1. Lau­ren Levasseur 2. Pay­ton Dill Open Un­der 8 Walk/ Trot 1. Lau­ren Levasseur 2. Pay­ton Dill Cham­pion High Point Levasseur

Re­serve Cham­pion Un­der 8 High Point — Pay­ton Dill Un­der 8 — Lau­ren

Jr. Walk/Trot 1. Christy Voshell In­term. Walk/Trot Equi­tation 1. Rylie Lowe 2. Anna Mae Cephas Jr. English Equi­tation W/T/C 1. El­iz­a­beth Fehren­bacher 2. Ad­di­son Eader 3. Ju­lia Haynes 4. Austin Eader 5. Lindsay Voshell 6. Al­li­son Dill In­term. English Equi­tation W/T/C 1. Jil­lian Stringer 2. Grace Evans 3. Sophia Bevins 4. Alyssa Jas­tram 5. Ania Haynes 6. Ni­co­letta Mood Sr. English Equi­tation W/T/C 1. Maken­zie Miller 2. Han­nah Scott 3. An­naliese Tut­tle 4. Adri­anna Disil­ve­stro 5. Br­re­anna Mood 6. Jen­nifer Gannon Jr. Walk/Trot Plea­sure 1. Christy Voshell In­term. Walk/Trot Plea­sure 1. Rylie Lowe 2. Faith Rec­tor Jr. English W/T/C 1. Ad­di­son Eader 2. Austin Eader 3. El­iz­a­beth Fehren­bacher 4. Ju­lia Haynes 5. Lindsay Voshell 6. Al­li­son Dill In­term. W/T/C 1. Grace Evans 2. Jil­lian Stringer 3. Ni­co­letta Mood 4. Ash­ley Fal­cone Equi­tation Plea­sure Plea­sure Sr. Plea­sure W/T/C 1. Maken­zie Miller 2. Jen­nifer Gannon 3. Han­nah Scott 4. Adri­anna Disil­ve­stro 5. Bre­anna Mood 6. Chris­tiana Mood Jr. Com­mand 1. Al­li­son Dill 2. El­iz­a­beth Fehren­bacher 3. Ju­lia Haynes 4. Lindsay Voshell 5. Austin Eader 6. Ad­di­son Eader In­term. Com­mand 1. Grace Evans 2. Ni­co­letta Mood 3. Ash­lee Dilling 4. Jil­lian Stringer

1. Maken­zie Miller 2. Han­nah Scott 3. Bre­anna Mood 4. Adri­anna Sil­ve­stro 5. Jen­nifer Gannon 6. Chris­tiana Mood Jr. Equi­tation Fences 1. Ad­di­son Eader 2. El­iz­a­beth Fehren­bacher 3. Al­li­son Dill 4. Ju­lia Haynes In­term. Equi­tation Over Fences

1. Ania Haynes Over


Pony Ex­press 4-H Club mem­ber Ju­lia My­ers, 12, takes a jump dur­ing the Queen Anne’s County Fair 4-H English Horse Show, Tues­day, Au­gust 7, com­pet­ing in English Equi­tation Over Fences. She was rid­ing her Mor­gan-mix bred 22-year-old horse “Onyx.”

Sr. 4-H’er Maken­zie Miller, 17, of Ch­ester, posts atop her Quar­ter horse “AOK Think Mr. Peters” dur­ing the Se­nior 4-H English Horse Show. Maken­zie won four of five classes she en­tered in the English show, earn­ing Se­nior 4-H Over­all High Point Cham­pion for the show, Tues­day, Au­gust 7, dur­ing the 2018 Queen Anne’s County Fair.

From the left, English Horse Show Judge Terry Helder, of Wrightsville, Pa., with the win­ners of the Over­all 4-H English Show­man­ships Cham­pi­onships, Tues­day, Aug. 7. Cham­pion Maken­zie Miller, 17, of Ch­ester, show­ing her geld­ing, “AOK Think Mr. Peters,” and Re­serve Cham­pion Jen­nifer Gannon, 18, of Ruths­burg, show­ing her mare, “Lit­tle Kata Cool.” Both are Quar­ter horses.

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