Gan­non, Evans, Dill win at Western Show

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CEN­TRE­VILLE — The Queen Anne’s County Fair 4-H Western Horse Show took place Wed­nes­day, Aug. 8. The weather re­mained hot and hu­mid, but didn’t seen to be as in­tense as it was Tuesday for the English show. The Western Show judge was Terry Helder, of Wrightville, PA, the same as for the English show on Tuesday.

An un­ex­pected pleas­ant sur­prise go­ing into this year’s fair was that the horse barn on the fair­grounds, that has 46 stalls, was com­pletely full of horses this year. It was noted that had not hap­pened for many years. In 2017, as many as 10 stalls had no horses, and the ex­tra stalls were used as tack stalls in­stead. No such lux­ury of tack stalls this year, and a good sign for fu­ture QA Fair horse shows. To get a stall, 4-H’ers must at­tend a min­i­mum of 50 per­cent of their yearly club meet­ings and turn in an an­nual record book of what it costs to keep their 4-H project an­i­mal — in this case, a horse.

In the Western Horse Show, Ju­nior High Point Cham­pion 4-H’er Al­li­son Dill rode away with the ti­tle, win­ning six of eight classes she en­tered. She won Jr. Horse­man­ship, Western Plea­sure, Ranch Rid­ing, Com­mand, Trail, and Bar­rels. She placed sec­ond in Jr. Pole Bend­ing. She had an ex­cep­tional Western Show day. Re­serve High Point Cham­pion went to Ju­lia Haynes. She won the Con­fir­ma­tion Pony class, with her pony “Paris,” and Jr. Poles. She placed sec­ond in Ranch Rid­ing and in Bar­rels.

In the In­ter­me­di­ate divi­sion, Grace Evans was the Western 4-H High Point Cham­pion, win­ning In­ter­me­di­ate Fit­ting and Show­man­ship, Horse­man­ship, and Trail. As an In­ter­me­di­ate, Grace was the Over­all Western and English Grand Cham­pion in Fit­ting and Show­man­ship, show­ing Quar­ter horse mare “So Hot I’m Awe­some.” No one re­mem­bered a 12-year-old 4-H’er win­ning that honor be­fore. Re­serve Western In­ter­me­di­ate High Point 4-H Cham­pion was Ash­lee Dilling who won In­ter­me­di­ate Com­mand and Bar­rels and placed sec­ond in Poles.

The Western High Point Se­nior 4-H Cham­pion was Jen­nifer Gan­non. Jen­nifer won Sr. Fit­ting and Show­man­ship, Ranch Rid­ing, Trail, and Bar­rels. She placed sec­ond in Sr. Poles. Jen­nifer ended the day earn­ing the Sr. 4-H Western High Point Cham­pi­onship. Re­serve High Point Se­nior 4-H Cham­pion was Maken­zie Miller. Maken­zie took blue rib­bons in Con­fir­ma­tion Geld­ing with her Quar­ter horse “AOK Think Mr. Peters,” and Sr. Horse­man­ship. She placed sec­ond in Trail, and re­ceived three third places in Ranch Rid­ing, Western Plea­sure and Fit­ting and Show­man­ship. AOK Think Mr. Peters was judged Over­all Re­serve Western Con­fir­ma­tion Cham­pion horse in the Con­fir­ma­tion fi­nals.

Western Re­serve Cham­pion in Fit­ting and Show­man­ship went to Sr. 4-H’er Re­gan Kel­lum, show­ing her horse “Penny.” Grand Cham­pion Western Con­fir­ma­tion horse was awarded to “Zoey” a Quar­ter horse mare shown by Jr. 4-H’er June Win­ter­stein. There was a large lead­line group of riders in the Open Un­der 8 classes this year, which is run in­de­pen­dently of 4-H rules. Chil­dren un­der 8 can­not of­fi­cially be mem­bers of 4-H un­til they turn 8 years old. The Open classes had up to 8 chil­dren un­der adult su­per­vi­sion and closely mon­i­tored while par­tic­i­pated in four Un­der 8 classes at the show for Western day.

A note­wor­thy mo­ment at the Western show; first year Sr. 4-H’er Nikki Bow­ers, 14, of Cen­tre­ville, in full com­pet­i­tive classes, won Sr. Western Plea­sure and placed sec­ond in Horse­man­ship rid­ing 30-year-old Quar­ter horse “Chips Copy Two” (Chip). Nikki has only been rid­ing horses for the past year and half. Chip won his first blue rib­bon at the QA Fair horse show 21 years ago when then 11-year-old 4-H’er Karen Bishop was rid­ing him. Many 4-H’ers have rid­den Chip over the years, learn­ing to ride with great suc­cess.

The fol­low­ing are the com­plete Western 4-H horse show re­sults. Con­fir­ma­tion Pony 1. “Paris” — Ju­lia Haynes 2. “Mag­gie” — Austin Eader

3. “Cookie Dough”- Ni­co­letta Mood 4. “Boots” — Aliya Shi­ley 5. “Onyx” — Ju­lia My­ers Con­fir­ma­tion Mare 1. “Zoey” — June Win­ter­stein

2. “Lit­tle Kata Cool” — Jen­nifer Gan­non

3. “So Hot I’m Awe­some” — Grace Evans

4. “Maelee’s Sky Fly” — Jor­dan Mid­dle­ton

5. “Lady Free­dom” — Rylie Lowe 6. “Flicka” — Faith Rec­tor Con­fir­ma­tion Geld­ing 1. “AOK Think Mr. Peters” — Maken­zie Miller

2. “Chance” — Stringer Jil­lian

3. “Beau” — Bre­anna Mood

4. “Remi” — Emma Leavers

5. “Bel Figleo” — Sophia Bevins 6. “Starr” — Al­li­son Dill Cham­pion Western Con­fir­ma­tion Horse: “Zoey” — June Win­ter­stein

Re­serve Cham­pion Western Con­fir­ma­tion Horse: “AOK Think Mr. Peters” — Maken­zie Miller

Jr. Fit­ting & Show­man­ship 1. Ju­lia Price 2. Austin Eader 3. June Win­ter­stein 4. Lindsay Voshell 5. Ju­lia Haynes 6. Al­li­son Dill In­ter­me­di­ate Fit­ting & Show­man­ship 1. Grace Evans 2. Ash­ley Fal­cone 3. Jil­lian Stringer 4. Anna Mae Cephas 5. Ju­lia My­ers 6. Emma Leavers Sr. Fit­ting & Show­man­ship 1. Jen­nifer Gan­non 2. Re­gan Kel­lum 3. Maken­zie Miller 4. Bre­anna Mood 5. Ni­cole Bow­ers 6. Melissa Weigman Cham­pion Western Fit­ting & Show­man­ship: Grace Evan show­ing “So Hot I’m Awe­some”

Re­serve Cham­pion Western Fit­ting & Show­man­ship: Re­gan Kel­lum show­ing “Penny”

Over­all Cham­pion (English & Western) Show­man­ship: Grace Evans show­ing “So Hot I’m Awe­some”

Re­serve (English & Show­man­ship: Gan­non show­ing Kata Cool”

Open Un­der 8

1. Lau­ren Levasseur show­ing “Abita Red­fords Chip”

2. Lilly Stiev­ers show­ing “Sunny Days Al­ways Sparkle”

3. Pay­ton “Lacey”

4. Claire Win­ter­stein show­ing “Suzie” Open Lead­line Un­der 8 1. Pay­ton Dill 2. Lau­ren Levasseur 3. El­iza Jane David­son 4. Lilly Stiev­ers 5. (tie) Emma Jo David­son and Claire Win­ter­stein

6. (tie) Bo David­son and Levi Marx Open Walk Un­der 8 1. Lau­ren Levasseur 2. Pay­ton Dill 3. El­iza Jane David­son 4. Lilly Stiev­ers Open Walk/Trot Un­der 8 1. Lau­ren Levasseur 2. Lilly Stiev­ers 3. Pay­ton Dill Cham­pion Open Un­der 8 Divi­sion High Point: Lau­ren Levasseur

Re­serve Cham­pion Open Un­der 8 Divi­sion High Point: Pay­ton Dill

Jr. Walk/Jog Horse­man­ship 1. June Win­ter­stein 2. Ju­lia Price 3. Fin­ley Patch­ett 4. Christy Vochell 5. Caitlin Plugge Cham­pion Western) Jen­nifer “Lit­tle

Show­man­ship Dill show­ing


The QA Fair 4-H Western Horse Show Over­all Western Fit­ting and Show­man­ship Cham­pion was In­ter­me­di­ate 4-H’er Grace Evans, 12, of Stevensville, left, show­ing Quar­ter horse mare “So Hot I’m Awe­some.” Re­serve Western Cham­pion was Sr. 4-H’er Re­gan Kel­lum, 15, show­ing Quar­ter horse mare “Penny.”

Jr. 4-H’er Al­li­son Dill, 9, of Queen Anne, rides her Quar­ter horse “Starr” dur­ing Bar­rel Rac­ing event at the QA Fair Western Horse Show Wed­nes­day, Aug. 8. Al­li­son won six of eight classes she en­tered to earn the Over­all Ju­nior 4-H High Point Cham­pion for the Western Show. She won Jr. Bar­rels with “Starr,” run­ning the course in less than 28 sec­onds.

Jr. 4-H’er Austin Eader, 9, of Eas­ton, rides his 24-year old Welsh pony “Mag­gie Moo” in the Jr. Bar­rel Race com­pe­ti­tion Wed­nes­day, Aug. 8.

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