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In the beginning of September 2012 two high school sophomores from Valencia High School An gela Kim and Ju Young Lee set up a music club named MELODY Otherwise known as Music Enriches Lives of Diverse Youths this organization of mu sicians has set off with a mission statement: to bring music and joy to the lives of members of their community As stated by the presidents MELODY is a club that will allow students to use their musical talents to play for their community while develop ing lasting relationships with their peers

Since their beginning MELODY recruited over 25 stu dents to use their musical talents to perform for the senior residen ts of the Summer Hill Villa Most recently MELODY performed a winter concert that delivered hol iday carols and received a lengthy applause Among the talented performers were violin ists pianists cellists trum peters flutists guitarists and a singer on a xylophone Enjoying this diverse range the audience was able to enjoy pieces that ranged from contemporary pop to Vivaldis Four Seasons

Music itself is not a solution to any of their problems but it can save some from them club Presi dent Lee said Especially in un derprivileged countries children have no choice but to turn to crime and drugs because that is all they re surrounded by However this man didnt just give them music He gave them an alternative

With the positive response from their audience at Summer Hill Villa the members of MELODY plan to expand the scope of the club by taking a trip to the head quarters of Landfill Harmonic in Malibu Calif a base for a re markable orchestra in Paraguay that plays with instruments recy cled from trash

When asked about the decision to participate in such a program Lee said Music is so very pow erful in that it can touch every one from us in MELODY to chil dren in Paraguay playing flutes made of buttons and coins

While M ELODY may not be a huge organization of professional musicians its purpose is clear: to bring the joy of music to people

MELODY club a new music club at Valencia High School performs a large variety of songs for local senior citizens

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