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Serial voyeur receives last 2-year prison term for filming patrons at Plymouth fitness facility

Maciborski also convicted of similar acts in Macomb and Oakland counties

- By Jameson Cook jcook@medianewsg­

A 41-year-old serial voyeur was sentenced Friday to two to five years in prison for secretly filming people at a Plymouth gym that will be served simultaneo­usly with a term he received in Macomb County.

Brian Maciborski received the sentence from Wayne County Circuit Judge Mark Slavens in Detroit after pleading guilty to video recording an unclothed person and using a computer to commit a crime for recording two patrons last February in tanning beds at a Planet Fitness in downtown Plymouth.

The case was the last of four voyeur criminal cases in three metro counties against Maciborski in recent years to be resolved, although he still faces a slew of civil lawsuits against him in Macomb County for filming over 20 people at a Chili Peppers tanning salon in Shelby Township.

Maciborski, who appeared by video from a prison or jail, apologized to the victim, his parents and his two daughters.

“I would like to give my sincere apology to the victim,” he said. “I apologize to her for any anguish or any problems I might have caused her and I hope somebody she can forgive me.

“I promise that I’ll do my homework, everything I need to do to find out why I made these decisions to do what I did and I promise I’ll never be in this situation again.”

One of the victims was going to try to attend the hearing but didn’t and told an assistant Wayne County prosecutor to proceed with the hearing if she did not make it.

Maciborski’s parents attended the hearing, which was held in the courtroom and shown over

Following the hearing as Maciborski’s parents were leaving, Slavens said to them, “It looks like good family support, so you help him out, keep an eye on him. Good luck to you sir, gotta be horrible, good luck to your folks.”

Maciborski’s illicit behavior following his arrest in Februrary 2020 led to probation violations in his Macomb and Oakland county cases for which he was ordered to serve two years in prison, all of which will be served concurrent­ly.

For the Shelby Township case, he pleaded guilty to three counts of eavesdropp­ing.

While investigat­ors were probing Maciborski’s electronic devices following that initial arrest, they discovered he had placed a tiny camera in a bedroom television of a Beverly Hills female co-worker in 2018 while performing handyman work at her home. He was convicted by plea of eavesdropp­ing in Oakland Circuit Court.

While on bond for those two cases, Maciborski in May 2021 was charged with indecent exposure for appearing to film a woman and masturbati­ng at Hotworx in Shelby Township. He pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of disorderly conduct, for which he was sentenced time-served, 30 days in jail, and a $500 fine.

He also was convicted of eavesdropp­ing in 2006 in Macomb County.

 ?? SCREEN CAPTURE FROM WAYNE COUNTY COURTS VIDEO ?? Wayne County Circuit Judge Mark Slavens sentences serial voyeur Brian Maciborski to two years in prison.
SCREEN CAPTURE FROM WAYNE COUNTY COURTS VIDEO Wayne County Circuit Judge Mark Slavens sentences serial voyeur Brian Maciborski to two years in prison.
 ?? ?? Brian Maciborski
Brian Maciborski

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