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Boy, 6, makes national headlines with $1K Grubhub order

- By Brian Johnston bjohnston@medianewsg­

In the end, it was a good news story, drawing some quips, laughs, and even a happy ending.

A Macomb County boy made national headlines after ordering more than $1,000 worth of dinner deliveries with Grubhub — using his father’s account.

While his wife was at the movies, Keith Stonehouse, of Chesterfie­ld Township was watching their 6-yearold son, Mason. Stonehouse reported he could only watch as driver after driver brought food ordered by Mason, totaling over $1,000, MLive reported. Stonehouse told MLive he was “probably at a 9.5 out of 10 anger” during the incident, describing the helpless feeling of not being able to cancel the orders once he realized what had been done.

Stonehouse had allowed his son to play a game on his phone for a short while before bedtime, according to the Washington Post, when Mason placed the multiple orders. When asked about the large amount of food coming to the house, Mason reportedly replied, “I don’t know. I was hungry.”

Not all of the food Mason ordered showed up. The damage could have been worse, as a $439 pizza order was flagged by Stonehouse’s bank as “suspicious,” and declined, Business Insider reported.

Some of the food went to neighbors and the rest was saved to eat later.

The boy is generous, too, as a 25 percent gratuity was also added to the food bills.

Mason’s large food tab made national headlines, appearing on CNN, the Today Show, Good Morning America, iHeartRadi­o, ABC News, the Washington Post, and more.

To make up for the family’s shortfall, Grubhub offered the family $1,000 worth of its gift cards, according to CNN.

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