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MCC to raise tuition rates for 2023-24

Students face a 4.7% increase

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Macomb Community College (MCC) will be raising its tuition costs for the coming academic year.

Even with the increase they remain more than 10% lower than most community colleges in Michigan and 77% lower than the state’s public universiti­es, a Thursday release from the college states.

The increase of 4.7% was authorized during MCC Board of Trustees’ regular monthly meeting Wednesday.

For residents tuition will go from $106 per billable contact hour to $111 (fall 2023 through Spring/ Summer 2024).

A number of factors contribute­d to the increase.

In addition to the highest inflation in 40 years, the college is facing lower enrollment driven by changing demographi­cs, continued uncertaint­y from the pandemic, a robust labor market offering higher wage rates and shifting views about higher education. MCC is also moving to realign the scope and size of the college to ensure the right resources are in place to meet the changing needs of the community. While this will result in the reduction of expenses, primarily through eliminatio­n of positions and reallocati­ng staff to fill mission-critical positions, the college will continue to invest to improve student success and to develop programs that connect residents to career pathways that offer long-term labor market resiliency.

“When assessing tuition decisions, our highest priority is the needs of our students, ensuring access and affordabil­ity, and offering transforma­tive programs supported by the resources and services that drive student success,” said James Sawyer, president of MCC. “At the same time, it is a careful balancing act between addressing student needs and maintainin­g the fiscal soundness and sustainabi­lity of the college.”

Macomb’s revenue consists of three primary sources: tuition (35%), local property taxes (33%) and state appropriat­ions (27%).

MCC’s millage rate is the third lowest among the state’s 28 community colleges, and the college receives the eighth lowest appropriat­ion per student (fiscal year equated student — FYES) from the state, data provided by the school states. Between 2003 — 21, Macomb enacted $41.5 million in budget cuts. Due to what officials state are a longstandi­ng history of making the most of limited fiscal resources coupled with prudent cost-cutting, MCC has had one of the lowest operating expenses per FYES among the state’s 28 community colleges for the past decade.

Macomb Community College tuition categories, their current billable contact hour rates and the rates for fall 2023 through Spring/Summer 2024 semesters area as follows:

• Resident: current tuition rate of $106 will be $111 (2023-2024)

• Out of district: $198 to $208

• Out of state/foreign: $252 to $265

• Affiliate (those living in areas not served by a community college): $136 to $142

• Early college/dual enrollment: $106 to $111

• Variable (agreements with third parties who pay tuition on behalf of a student): $106 to $111

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