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Husband keeps world updated on spouse’s health

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DEAR ABBY » My husband and I have been married more than 30 years. In the last five, I have had so many doctor appointmen­ts, medical procedures and surgeries that I have lost count. My husband thinks it is perfectly fine to tell family, friends and strangers about my medical conditions, tests and surgeries.

I asked a friend if she would pray for an upcoming test. She said she would, and would continue to pray until I told her otherwise. I had the test; the results were great. My husband told my friend the results without first asking me if it was OK.

Now, Abby, I understand it was good news but, in my opinion, it was MY medical informatio­n and I had planned to tell her the next time I saw her, which was three days after the test. My husband thinks it’s “no big deal” to tell people about what’s going on with me medically. I disagree!

I have asked, even begged, my husband not to tell anyone about my medical stuff. I went so far as to go to two appointmen­ts without telling him. He was furious that I didn’t let him come along. I told him why he was left behind, but he still didn’t get it, or maybe, didn’t think my feelings were important. Am I being too sensitive or should he keep his mouth shut?

— Violated in Arkansas

DEAR VIOLATED » Your oversharin­g husband should respect your feelings and keep his mouth shut. You shouldn’t have had to beg him not to discuss your medical informatio­n with others. Would he be equally open to your telling folks about the state of his prostate, his Viagra consumptio­n, his colonoscop­y preps? Perhaps he will get the message if you start giving him a dose of his own medicine.

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