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• 1 cup bak­ing soda • 1 cup cit­ric acid pow­der • ½ cup corn­starch • ¼ cup Ep­som salt • ½ cup co­conut oil, melted • Dried herbs and/or es­sen­tial oils (op­tional)


In a large bowl, mix to­gether the dry in­gre­di­ents. If you want a color, you can add it to the dry in­gre­di­ents and stir slowly. You may also add a ta­ble­spoon of dried herbs. Melt the co­conut oil in the mi­crowave or on the stove­top. You may add some es­sen­tial oils to the melted oil for scent. Slowly add to the dry in­gre­di­ents and mix well; you will have a mix­ture that looks like wet sand. I use my hands, but a small spoon or fork works. Pack the mix­ture tightly in a mold — I use a plas­tic ball mold that comes apart in two halves, but you can use any­thing: muf­fin tins, sil­i­con molds, and cookie cut­ters. I un­mold af­ter about 10 min­utes and place my bombs on a cot­ton dish cloth on a tray and let them dry overnight. You could also leave them in the molds overnight.

Yield: 16 ounces, about 6 bombs To use: Drop one bath bomb in a tub full of warm wa­ter and en­joy!


• Grease molds with co­conut oil • Do not use any wa­ter and make sure all your equip­ment is dry • You can spray the mix­ture with al­co­hol or witch hazel if it starts to dry out or add a bit more oil

Bath Bomb Vari­a­tions

You can change the scent and color of your bombs by ad­ding dif­fer­ent herbs, spices, and es­sen­tial oils to the ba­sic mix­ture. Here are a few to try: • To­tal Re­lax­ation: 1 tea­spoon each of dried laven­der flow­ers, mar­jo­ram leaves, and chamomile daisies. • For Men Only: 1 tea­spoon dried orange peel, 1 tea­spoon dried bay leaves, ¼ tea­spoon ground cin­na­mon, ½ tea­spoon all­spice. • Pure Joy: 1 tea­spoon dried mint, 1 tea­spoon dried laven­der, 2-3 drops sweet orange es­sen­tial oil, 1-2 drops pep­per­mint es­sen­tial oil • Ro­mance: 2 tea­spoons dried rose pe­tals, 1 small piece of vanilla bean, 2-3 drops ylang-ylang oil

* Ex­cerpted from Nat­u­ral Beauty from the Gar­den, by Jan­ice Cox, 2nd edi­tion. Copy­right 2018 by Og­den Pub­li­ca­tions Inc.

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