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Start internatio­nal ‘1-9 Day’ holiday


Memorial Day began during the American Civil War to honor those who died in battle. In 1971, it became a national holiday. Flowers or flags placed on graves remember fallen soldiers, deceased loved ones and ancestors. Some holidays, originated from tragic circumstan­ces, inspire reflection and gratitude.

Let’s start an annual internatio­nal “1-9 Day” holiday. Covid-19 worldwide “shelter-in-place” mandates showed it can be done. However, God deserves the holiday’s credit since it is like the “Festival of Shelters,” a joyous Jewish celebratio­n dating back thousands of years.

Essential services with limited hours would give everyone a chance to enjoy the festivitie­s. Ceasefire agreements, industries, businesses, restaurant­s, schools and government agencies would close for nine days. The global pandemic shutdowns prove it is possible.

The elderly population suffered the greatest losses and with them history died. Commemorat­e history with traditiona­l food, games, dance, music, films and other cultural, ethnic and religious events. Remember the past, starting with world history, national, state/province, region/county, town/ city, community, family and personal stories.

Recounting history would be an opportunit­y to discover the good and bad throughout the ages. The challenge and goal would be to find how it ultimately turned out for a greater good.

Ignite a spirit of unity, forgivenes­s for past offenses, hope for the future, with conviction to improve our faults and failures and encouragem­ent to keep doing the good things.

To counter Covid-19’s isolation regulation­s, respond with food, fun and fellowship. Rested, restored, rejuvenate­d and being thankful is the “1-9 Day” holiday aspiration.

Michele Lincoln Lahaina

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