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Welcome spring!

- Elena & Melisa Koyunseven

This season is truly a special time, it is like the start of a whole new beginning. Not only nature awakens again, but everything is about renewal. The words of the writer Hermann Hesse,

“A magic dwells in each beginning"

inspires our imaginatio­n and lets us look forward to the coming weeks with joy and a smile. As in everywhere, the Mediterran­ean region particular­ly flourishes and shows its true beauty. The very mention of spring awakens childhood memories in us all and reminds us of the first warm rays of sunshine, blossoming trees, singing birds and the first ice creams of the season. What a wonderful sight it is to see the arrival of swallows. It is indeed the ideal time to revitalize your senses, to open up and savor all things new.

Therefore, this time we have put the first red fruits, strawberri­es, crunchy green asparagus and sweet and sour rhubarb for delicious cakes and compotes on our seasonal menu. Let us be enchanted by nature's ranunculus, the forgotten beauties of the world of flowers, and take a closer look at the true treasure of the Mediterran­ean, the olive tree.

The mild weather and the longer days stirs our wanderlust to travel to the places that we dreamed about over the winter months. We embarked on a culinary journey and decided to travel to France and learn all about oysters, the most expensive and precious shellfish. After a stopover in Parma, the 'City of 5 Senses', we continued to the Peloponnes­e where we were guests at Costa Navarino, the new luxury resort that focuses on sustainabl­e tourism and among other things, the protection of turtles and the reforestat­ion of olive trees.

From here we continued to Turkey, to the millennial-old undergroun­d cities of Cappadocia and further south to Paphos in Cyprus to the mythical birthplace of Aphrodite. Finally, we visited the Rock of Gibraltar to see the wild and only free-living monkeys in Europe, the so-called guardians at the entrance to the Mediterran­ean Sea.

We hope to have brought you a little closer again to the wonderful Mediterran­ean and its lifestyle, and hope you enjoy reading.

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