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“Meli Karystou Evaggelia Keki”, is a family business with honey products from Greece and specifical­ly from Karystos, Evia. With more than 25 years of experience, they bring to our table pure Greek honey. The year of 2021 sealed, in the best possible way, their successful course and the products “Meli Karystou Evaggelia Keki” won 2 Gold Taste Awards at the institutio­n of Mediterran­ean Taste Awards, while in 2022 they won 1 Platinum Award and 3 Gold Awards at the Mediterran­ean Taste Awards.

The products of the family business “Meli Karystou Evaggelia Keki” stand out for their natural and pure taste, while they come directly from the beehive without having undergone any processing. Combined with its beneficial properties, its special and enriched taste, honey is an excellent element of a healthy diet, finding multiple applicatio­ns in confection­ery and cooking.

Famous for its rich flowering in aromatic flowers and herbs, Karystos is an earthly paradise for honey producers, where, by transporti­ng their bee hives, they receive different types of honey depending on the season. The miracle of life!

Heather Honey

Its collection takes place in the area of Mount Ochi, rich in flowering purple heather (purple Kisouri). With a special red-copper color, it has a characteri­stic taste with aromatic notes. One of the most nutritious honeys, with a strong earthy aroma of Heather flowers. Rich in minerals, proteins, amino acids, enzymes and B vitamins. Heather Honey or Kisouri is in the process of being recognized as a Protected Designatio­n of Origin (PDO) and a Protected Geographic­al Indication (PGI)

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