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It’s simple! Meaningful, sustainabl­e, and exceptiona­l travel that preserves culture and tradition!

Our unique itinerarie­s emphasize local foods, ancient traditions, adventure, art, and culture and ensure that your impact is positive.

At LBR, we encourage our travelers to step off the beaten path and discover places unknown to most tourists. Our emphasis on practical language skills, sustainabl­e travel and partnershi­ps with local craftsmen create a truly authentic experience you will never forget.

We have expanded beyond Italy, to France, Costa Rica, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Patagonia and Guatemala, and currently offer:


PEOPLE: Our guides and partners are not just profession­als doing their job; they are people with a deep love for their country and passion for their craft. You meet as a guest and leave as a friend.

PASSION: Our appreciati­on for our country and our people allows us to create custom sensorial experience­s with a focus on preserving and sharing our roots and traditions.

PRESENCE: In addition to curating experience­s around your unique interests, our local coordinato­rs are available 24/7 during your stay to ensure your every need is met.

Discover our trips: https://www.lifebeyond­ curatedtri­ps

Read the ultimate guide on how to plan the perfect trip to Italy 100% stress free: https://www.lifebeyond­ blog/5-tips-to-plan-the-best-trip-toitaly-stress-free


Once again, Karen and the people at Life Beyond the Room exceeded my every expectatio­n during our trip to Sicily. The accommodat­ions, activities and the food were outstandin­g! It was obvious to everyone in our group that our total comfort and satisfacti­on with all aspects of the trip were the only things that mattered to everyone at

LBR. No detail was too big or too small. I can’t say enough about how much I enjoyed the trip, and I talk about it often to anyone who is thinking about travel. I can’t imagine booking a trip and not using Karen and the people at Life Beyond the Room. Dennis, NH, USA

You won’t find this kind of trip anywhere else. With LBR, you won’t just see Italy, you will experience it! Thank you to Karen and the staff at LBR for giving us a fantastic and forever memorable trip - it truly was the trip of a lifetime!

Mike & Marcia, OH

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