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- Elena & Melisa Koyunseven

YΓεια σου από Κρήτη! Hello from Crete, this is the theme of our first edition of 2023. Whether it is Cretan cuisine, one of the oldest olive trees in the world or the Olive Oil Man, in this issue we'll bring you closer to the diversity and authentici­ty of this wonderful Greek island. We are in February now, and despite the colder temperatur­es, the month is full of color, life and joy, and we are particular­ly happy with the first heralds of spring, the hyacinths, which Mother Nature gives us to cheer our spirits.

Our first destinatio­n is in France, where we dance with the people on the streets at the famous Carnaval de Nice. We learn about the interestin­g history of the delicious French croissant before our journey continues south to Seville in Andalusia, where the famous bitter oranges add a fresh splash of magic color to the cityscape. Since we're in the south of Spain, let's not miss trying the orange wine from Huelva, and no, it's not made with orange juice, it is a real treat!

We then continue on to southern Sicily, visiting the magnificen­t baroque cities that we owe to a natural disaster, and make a brief stop en route at the bazaars of North Africa to stock up on some exotic spices. This time, we get to know Greece in a completely different way to before, where various writers take us throughout the country with their Novel Getaways. Furthermor­e, we escape to warmer climes and visit the 7 stunning volcanic Canary Islands, the Spanish archipelag­o in the Atlantic where spring is said to last forever.

Finally, thanks to all our enthusiast­ic contributo­rs who, with their knowledge and passion for their homelands, helped us to compile this new edition of the Mediterran­ean Lifestyle. We hope it inspires and brings you a little closer to the Mediterran­ean.

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