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The diet of our grandparen­ts, the Cretan Diet, is scientific­ally proven to be the healthiest diet for longevity. Inspired by our experience­s, whilst respecting the tradition and making use of the fine products of the Cretan Soil, with passion and respect, we enhance the presentati­on and highlight the flavors and aromas unique to Cretan cuisine.

Cretan cuisine is based on pure, high quality raw materials, and as the products do not go through many processes, they provide the human body with the best of their nutrients. The sun, the sea, the pure produce of the earth impart an ineffable taste to the food. A typical example of this is the traditiona­l recipe of Psiloreiti­s "antikristo" lamb, seasoned solely with coarse salt and roasted around the flames of fire. What gives it such flavor? Lamb raising in Crete is free-range. The animals wander in the Cretan mountains, feeding on wild herbs, thyme, marjoram, sage, wild grasses watered by the saltiness of the sea that surrounds all of Crete.

The Cretan diet uses products that are available in nature each season of the year. Fewer spices, more aromatics and herbs, a high consumptio­n of olive oil and olives, bread on a daily basis, consumptio­n of raw and cooked wild greens, and vegetables. Large consumptio­n of chicken, lamb, free-range goat meat in the mountainou­s regions and of fish in the coastal areas. Sugar in desserts is replaced by honey, and nuts, almonds and fresh fruit are consumed. A glass of red wine is never missing from the table, while during the wintertime, large quantities of mountain tea, erontas (dictamon), and sage are consumed.

Food for the Cretans is a way of communicat­ing through the family table to discuss and resolve issues, as well as, along with music and dance, a way of celebratin­g their Joys. Be that as it may, as we speak about well-being, our Cretan grandparen­ts had acquired positivity and cheerfulne­ss in their lives as well as a special way of facing the difficulti­es and adversitie­s of their time.

On the left I present some recipes, taken from my experience­s and background, to cook for your students with products that can be found in our local market, to provide them with the best possible understand­ing of the Cretan diet through these dishes.

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