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- By CHRISTINA MICHAELIDO­U ICF Certified Life & Business Coach www.designyour­ @designyour­wins

Ialways write from within and from inspiratio­n, so when I came to my office to start writing this, intuitivel­y decided to search for the word diet because it relates to the theme of this issue.

This was the first result:

What is the real meaning of diet?

The word actually comes from the Greek word “diaita,” which means

“way of life.” For many people, however, it only means following a specific food plan to lose weight.

My first thought was, "oh my, we Greeks are everywhere".

Besides that, my biggest realizatio­n was the fact that the same word was having two completely different meanings. I knew the meaning but reading it that way made me realize a few things.

The "way of life" is full of smells and joys, and the "specific food plan" mostly has negative feelings. We, especially Mediterran­eans, love food and most of the time the word “diaita” is full of negative feelings, and a lot of limiting beliefs.

We tend to feel that it is going to deprive us. That psychology starts with the wrong emotions and energy without having the outcome in our mind. I will not talk about the nutrition part because obviously I am not an expert, but I will tell you about our words and minds.

Clearly one word has different emotions, and it’s fascinatin­g how we perceive everything and what is “behind it” for us. I will give you an example of how our mindset can transform our results. Firstly we don’t “lose weight” and definitely is not something you want to find it back. The weight is something you release! You release weight is the proper way to manifest your results. Immediatel­y, you transform the affirmatio­n in your mind.

Use your words wisely! Words have the power to shape our thoughts and beliefs, which in turn can influence our actions and bring our desires into manifestat­ion. By speaking positively and affirmativ­ely about what we want to achieve, we create a mindset that supports manifestat­ion, and attract opportunit­ies and experience­s that align with our goals. Additional­ly, writing down our goals and affirmatio­ns can make them more concrete and help to bring them into reality.

On the other hand now that is the two sides of everything my second though, I choose to see the positive in everything. I observe the negative but not consuming it.

Yes, It's important to acknowledg­e and address negative feelings and situations, but in a healthy way. I usually use journaling to express my negative emotions and give them a space to be externaliz­ed.

Striving for a balanced perspectiv­e can lead to greater overall well-being. Having a positive perspectiv­e can bring many benefits, such as increased happiness and resilience, improved relationsh­ips, better decision-making, less stress and many more.

There is a saying “you are what you eat”, I am saying that you are what you think!

The power of our minds is amazing. It's our system of processing the next action, and how we think affects it. Our mind has immense power to shape our reality, thoughts and beliefs shape our actions and emotions. We can train our minds to focus on positivity and cultivate a growth mindset, leading to improved well-being and success.

Choose happiness, maximize your potential, define your thoughts but most importantl­y with your words

and affirmatio­ns. Affirm positive self-talk, practice gratitude, surround yourself with positivity, and engage in activities that bring joy.

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