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One of the most expensive essential oils


Roses have long been valued for their fragrance as well as their medicinal value. The benefits of rose oil have been known for a long time, and it is not one of the most expensive oils for nothing. Even the ancient Romans, Greeks and Phoenician­s cultivated large rose gardens, similar to orchards. They used the oil as body lotion, added it to their wine and also used it in food production.

Extracting pure oil is a laborious and costly process of steam distillati­on, with rosewater being a by-product of the process. The Rosa centifolia and Rosa damascena are especially preferred because of their high proportion of essential oil.

The rose pickers have to get up very early, because the freshly opened blossoms are still picked by hand in the morning using the old method.

The main reason is that the percentage of essential oil can be reduced by up to 70% during the day with increasing sun exposure.

Rose essential oil has numerous medicinal and cosmetic properties that have a positive effect on health, well-being and appearance. It contains essential fatty acids and vitamins C, E & A that penetrate the skin and promote collagen production.

The aromas of the rose have a harmonizin­g effect on the psyche and are said to have an antidepres­sant effect. The wonderful fragrance alone, which stimulates the sense of smell in our synapses, has been proven to create a euphoric mood, inspire the senses and put you in a relaxed mood. This in turn helps you fall and stay asleep. So if you suffer from sleep problems, you should regularly use aromathera­py before bed or take a bath with a few drops of the oil. Its antiseptic properties can also be used on minor wounds and inflammati­on. The quality of the oil is decisive for a positive effect.

During cultivatio­n, the wheat separates from the chaff. Organic farming is desirable to minimize exposure to pesticides, and some manufactur­ers offer certificat­es of authentici­ty for their products, attesting to their purity. Connoisseu­rs know: It only takes a drop to confirm the authentici­ty, because natural rose oil immediatel­y envelops the user with a gentle fragrance without being obtrusive.

In addition to precious perfume, rose oil is also used in fragrance lamps, to perfume sugar, chocolate, tobacco and liqueurs.

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