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From Greek Mountain Tea to Cretan Dittany, Greece is known for its abundance of herbs, which are one of the main components of the Mediterran­ean Diet. It is not just the flavor of these herbs that makes them stand out compared to other herbs, they also offer many health benefits. This can be attributed in part to the ideal soil conditions found in certain Greek regions, which create an environmen­t perfect for certain medicinal herbs like sage. Freshness also plays a role, since many Greek herbs are harvested before they bloom, which gives them an intense flavor that you can’t find elsewhere.

Wild crafted Vs Organic Herbs

Greek wild crafted -or wild harvested-herbs are growing in popularity as a healthier, more sustainabl­e alternativ­e

to organic varieties. They have the benefit of growing naturally in their native environmen­t and not being exposed to the use of herbicides or synthetic fertilizer­s, which can often lessen the quality of organic options. Additional­ly, they allow for the preservati­on of natural biodiversi­ty in Greece, as they encourage farmers to conserve land to keep plants in their natural state. Wild herbs are then harvested responsibl­y, maintainin­g a balanced ecosystem and providing nutrition-packed ingredient­s that have not been altered by humans.

For those looking for higher quality herbs free from any contaminat­ion, Greek wild crafted herbs make an ideal choice. Here we will discuss some of the most popular Greek herbs, their origins, and how they can be used to improve your overall health.

Greek Mountain Tea // Sideritis Scardica // Ironwort // Tsai tou Vounou

Greek Mountain Tea is one of the most potent and nutrient-rich herbs. This herbal tea has been used in Greece for centuries to treat everything from colds and fever to digestive issues. Not only that, but it's also an antioxidan­t-rich anti-inflammato­ry with powerful adaptogeni­c properties. Studies have linked regular consumptio­n of Greek Mountain Tea with improved focus, immune system support, improved circulatio­n, detoxifica­tion and a decrease in physical and psychologi­cal stress levels. The health benefits are numerous and can be enjoyed any time of year no matter where you live!

Chamomile // HamomilI

Greek Chamomile tea is made from the flowers of chamomile plants, which are mainly found in fields throughout Greece. This tea has been appreciate­d for centuries due to its properties that provide a variety of health benefits. For example, it is known to act as an antioxidan­t and anti-inflammato­ry. In addition, it helps with digestion and stomach issues, has calming properties that can help reduce anxiety, and possesses antibacter­ial properties that are beneficial in combating illness. Greek Chamomile tea makes for a calming cup that not only tastes great, but can also provide important health benefits if consumed regularly.

Ikarian Sage // Faskomilo Ikarias

Blue zone’s Ikarian tea has been scientific­ally proven to be a longevity-promoting beverage, thanks to its longevity-enhancing herbs and supportive of the Mediterran­ean Diet. Rich in polyphenol­s and flavonoids, it has cardioprot­ective capabiliti­es that help improve cardiovasc­ular health and may even reduce the risk for cancer. What's more, its beneficial tastes come with varied amounts of antioxidan­ts that can decrease risk of age-related diseases. Its anti-inflammato­ry properties also help to reduce systemic inflammati­on that could contribute to chronic illnesses.

Dittany of Crete // Oreganum Dictamnus // Diktamo

This unique herb grows wild on the rugged terrain of Crete and is often referred to as “the magical herb” due to its ability to heal wounds. Its strong aroma comes from a combinatio­n of rosemary, lavender, and thyme. Dittany is known for its antiseptic qualities and can be made into a herbal infusion by adding one teaspoon of dried leaves or flowers per cup of boiling water.

Rosemary // Dentroliva­no

Rosemary has been used in Greece since ancient times thanks to its medicinal properties that help treat digestive issues such as nausea and indigestio­n. Its woodsy flavor pairs perfectly with grilled meats like lamb or pork chops - making it a staple in

Greek cuisine - but it can also be brewed into a tisane (a herbal infusion) or added to soups or stews for extra depth of flavor. Rosemary has also been linked with improved memory function due to its antioxidan­t content!

How To Make Greek Herbal Tea?

Making herbal tea is quite simple! To brew a cup of hot tea, bring a teapot filled with water to a boil, then add one 1 tsp of herbs for each cup. Cover it and let it steep for about five to seven minutes before pouring into cups - if required, strain too. To brew cold herbal tea, fill a pitcher with filtered water (room temperatur­e) and add 1 tsp per cup, then refrigerat­e overnight. Strain and enjoy!

Where Can I Buy Authentic Greek Herbal Tea in the USA?

Greek Herbs are widely available in specialty shops around Greece, and NOW they can be found online at greeksuper­ for the people in the US. Currently, offering: 2+1 FREE & fast, free shipping. Start experiment­ing today – you won't regret it!

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 ?? ?? Greek Superherbs come from Ikaria, Mount Olympus, Crete, and Mount Othrys in Magnesia, Greece. They are 100% natural, wild crafted, handpicked & hand packed.
Greek Superherbs come from Ikaria, Mount Olympus, Crete, and Mount Othrys in Magnesia, Greece. They are 100% natural, wild crafted, handpicked & hand packed.

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