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When was the last time you played?


Recently I asked Meagan Williams when the last time she had played golf was? Meagan was working the checkout booth at Harvest at Mendosas. “Well,” she contemplat­ed, “it was years ago in Reno. I signed up for a hole-inone contest.” One of the casinos or hotels had set up an island hole. If you made the ace, you won a free trip to Hawaii, all expenses paid. “Did you make it, Meagan?” “No, I did not.”, Meagan answered. “Let me see your swing?” I asked Meagan. Meagan stepped back from the counter a bit. Gripping her imaginary club, Meagan took a mighty backswing missing the cash register and the next customer in line.” “Nice swing Meagan. You have talent.” I informed Meagan that sinking a hole-in-one came with obligation­s. “If you get a hole-in-one, Meagan, you must buy everyone a drink. That’s the tradition.” “No problem,” Meagan replied I’ll buy a couple of six-packs of Budweiser. That would take care of it.” Yes, that would take care of it, Meagan. So far, the Little River Golf Course is awaiting its first holein-one of the 2023 golf season. Who will it be? Maybe you, Meagan. Get those six packs ready and give it a go.

A recent post on FaceBook showed a rural road dotted with potholes. The picture was labeled, “Street Golf coming to you soon.” A cartoon character man, and a wife were shown playing the pothole course. I’m sure we still have an eighteen-hole street course out here on Albion Ridge Road. Bring your clubs. Drive, chip, putt—lots of opportunit­ies for a pot-hole-in-one. There’s also lots of potential trouble on this course. Hit your ball left or right, and you’ll be in a ditch or someone’s backyard. If you see a car driving down the fairway as you’re hitting your ball, yell fore. Here’s another game to play on the Street Course. Drive the course in a vehicle and see if you can finish without hitting a single hole. Left, right, draw, and slice your way through the course. Drive your car left, right, then straight. Slow down and putt your way through the heavily potted areas. One rule of etiquette that must be observed. Stay in your own fairway. Your side of the road. You must take a penalty stroke if you cross the center line. The lowest score wins, just like golf course golf. For every pothole, your tire hits put a one on your scorecard. If you negotiate the course without hitting a pothole, we’ll call that acing the course. Whadda ya think, Meagan? Want to try it? Get those two sixes ready, just in case.

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