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Well, if y’all would settle down and relax, I’ll splain it to ya’. First, though, I’m sorry if I caused problems for some of you. The Captains’ meeting changed the start date of the league to February 21st due to a late decision to have playoffs. The Playoffs are great to have back, but that decision was made after the Advocate News print deadline. The good news is, everyone is excited about a new season, and now, with playoffs.

We all know if you subscribe to a local paper, it is really an investment in your community. If we had an increase in subscripti­ons, the desire for more local news might become more evident and maybe even an inspiratio­n for someone. People tell me when you have the paper mailed to your home it will come on Thursdays, the same day it becomes available at local outlets. Our league news is late, yet many of us read it anyway because we read any news about people we know. The Advocate News and Mendocino Beacon are online of course, and I encourage you to sign up for either, but for me, nothing beats a newspaper in my hands with a cup of coffee. We should support the local paper because there is news inside about our kids’ schools and our kids’ sports. Do people know we are interested in local news? I believe so, but, just to be safe, maybe we should subscribe this week to help the local papers continue to be printed and distribute­d.

During the Saturday afternoon tournament a player that by winning would have been second and if they lost would be third, played his shot and got a poor roll and sold out the game, they became miffed and said, “good game,” to the opponent and walked off, taking their cue apart. They did not realize they were signaling they were quitting. That was not what they wanted t do. They were venting frustratio­n at their own poor play, so they were actually just spitting and kicking dirt so to speak, which is fine. If you are unaware of the pool-playing etiquette, let us say this, nearly anything and everything is ok except taking your cue stick apart.

Visiting Fort Bragg for the sights and want to meet local people? Think Karaoke at Angelina’s Grill and Bar every Friday night after 9:00 pm. Milano’s Hotel and Bar every other Sunday from 7:00 to 11:00 pm. It is as much fun to sing, as it is to watch and listen. Too shy to sing? Consider playing local pool tournament­s.

There are nearly 100 regular pool league players in and around Fort Bragg and some of those are playing in different weekly contests open to anyone. Come down and beat a League player.

While Fort Bragg Pool League is on holiday until February 21st, regular 9-ball tournament­s Monday nights at different venues begin at 7:00 pm. There are 8-ball Tournament­s at Welcome Inn every Thursday night at 7:00 pm and Saturday afternoons at 4:30 pm. If you want to create a tournament on another day at your favorite venue, speak up and players will magically appear.

Golden West Saloon has the broadest list of music being played and spirits poured in Fort Bragg. With your special beverage in hand, you can watch or play Corn-Hole games, and darts, shoot Pool, or relax and listen to the music as you take in the ambiance of the Historical building.

Cue Tip: There is a reward for anyone who knows how to turn off a smiling Sonny. Sonny dispenses pool knowledge gleaned from the imalamo channel which is definitely not your kids’ Youtube. Sonny has been getting over-confident with his new knowledge. It is ridiculous, he yells out instructio­ns for different players. Since watching ima-lamo he gets all excited and forgets everything, including his, even his, well his, oh never mind, he is forgetful ok? Yet he keeps on splaining, and at times, he is eerily accurate. He must also, and not quietly, explain why we missed, and then, pretending he is asked, yells out loudly, “well Stupid it’s simple .

. . you missed the damn ball.” Some visitors turn and stare, dogs hide, and an awful silence ensues. There you remain, as all eyes turn to you, standing alone, with the words, ‘you missed the damn ball,’ echoing in your head, and probably in everyone else’s too, except, a smiling Sonny. Contact me at

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Tall Mike Bohanon

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