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A frost day was declared


This may have been a first on the Little River Golf Course. Last Wednesday, February 15th a frost delay was declared on the course. No, the frost delay was not a first it has happened in the past. That morning getting into my car to journey to the course I noticed my windshield was a little dusty. I turned on my windshield washer and the water froze on the windshield. Now what? I then turned on the windshield warmer and in time the ice thawed. My car temperatur­e read 32 degrees. Driving to the course the cold morning was obvious frost everywhere, especially in the shady areas. Entering the Pro Shop Lindy Peters informed me there was a frost delay and the first Stableford group could probably be let loose at 10: am. Not too bad. The first group customaril­y tees off at 9:30 am. Numerous golfers were inside hovering around the heater with the more adventurou­s types outside on the driving range or putting green. Ten o’clock came and I was in the first group to tee off, a threesome of walkers consisting of Chuck Allegrini, Scott Deitz, and I. Scott and I both had triple bogies. Chuck didn’t. As the dust cleared and the frost melted word around the course was that of the eleven Stableford players nine had triple bogies, each three over par on the first hole. Only two didn’t, Chuck and Larry England. Now that’s got to be a first.

Nine triples on the first hole. Unheard of.

On Friday, February 17th teeing off on hole eighteen Phil Dunn offered me a very nice swing tip. I tried his advice and cranked it pretty good. Not fair. That was my last chance to tee off until April. You know what that’s like you try something new, and different and it works. You want to go with it. Play again. Not a choice for me I am flying to Costa Rica on February 21st, Avianca Airline, SFO to El Salvador, one-hour layover, and onto San Jose, Costa Rica. One night in the Alajuela Hotel, an early shuttle to Puerto Viejo, and a night at the Cabina Jacaranda. Hopefully, we will then hook up with our car rental, and mosey out into the jungle north of Puerto Viejo where we’ll spend the next month.

My clubs are out of my car into my back bedroom but today I couldn’t help myself I grabbed a couple of clubs and stopped by the driving range to try Phil’s help. I couldn’t bare a month in the jungle thinking about Phil’s advice without trying it. While there I ran into Jim Ehlers and asked him “What was the best golf tip given to you?” “Mmm.”, pondered Jim, “There have been so many. I’ll get back to you.” Phil overheard the question and offered, “Just move on to the next hole or the next shot, good or bad. Don’t hang on to the results. Every shot or hole is new.” Thanks, Phil, see you in April. I asked my wife Jan if she had room in her luggage for a 7-iron. She said no.

 ?? ?? Lanny Miller
Lanny Miller

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