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Sub­ject: HOUSE

What kind of house is it? Each an­swer is of the form “____ House.” (e.g., An out­build­ing in which a car­riage is or was kept. An­swer: Coach house.)

Fresh­man level

1. House pro­vid­ing food and lodg­ing for pay­ing guests. 2. A poker hand of three of a kind and a pair. 3. Where you might hear “Aida.”

Grad­u­ate level

4. A cheap restau­rant. 5. A place out­side a prison to help a con­vict ad­just to the out­side world. 6. A house up for sale and open for pub­lic view­ing.

Ph.D. level

7. A se­cure lo­ca­tion for hid­ing wit­nesses per­ceived to be in dan­ger. 8. The House of Com­mons, for ex­am­ple. 9. An of­fice where banks ex­change checks and set­tle ac­counts.


1. Board­ing house. 2. Full house. 3. Opera house. 4. Hash house. 5. Half­way house. 6. Open house. 7. Safe house. 8. Lower house. 9. Clear­ing house.

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