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Sub­ject: LONG

Each an­swer is two words (pos­si­bly hy­phen­ated), and the first word is “long.” (e.g., Of long du­ra­tion or ex­is­tence. An­swer: Long-stand­ing.)

Fresh­man level

1. A track and field event where dis­tance is the cri­te­ria. 2. A city in South­ern Cal­i­for­nia. 3. Warm un­der­wear with long legs.

Grad­u­ate level

4. In bridge, it is a hold­ing of sev­eral cards of one suit in a hand. 5. Brook­lyn is on it. 6. It is equiv­a­lent to 2,240 pounds.

Ph.D. level

7. A mil­i­tary re­treat by the Red Army. 8. Wearily ver­bose. 9. A ven­ture that in­volves great risk.


1. Long jump. 2. Long Beach. 3. Long johns. 4. Long suit. 5. Long Is­land. 6. Long ton. 7. Long March. 8. Long-winded. 9. Long shot (long odds).

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