Do­na­tions for an­nual giv­ing project reach $349,000

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Mer­cury News Wish Book read­ers have again re­sponded gen­er­ously to the an­nual en­treaty to help their neigh­bors in need whose sto­ries were told in our news sec­tions and on­line this hol­i­day sea­son.

Through Dec. 31, read­ers have sent in $349,777 so far this year to Wish Book, which is in its 36th year of in­spir­ing com­mu­nity giv­ing. Do­na­tions are still be­ing tal­lied, and you still have the op­por­tu­nity to help make life bet­ter for peo­ple whose sto­ries have been told and to sup­port the pro­grams that aid them. Do­na­tions are ac­cepted year-round. This year’s sto­ries and de­tails about how to do­nate can be found on­line at wish­book. mer­ All of the money raised goes to the pro­grams and fam­i­lies iden­ti­fied by Bay Area non­prof­its, with The Mer­cury News cov­er­ing all ad­min­is­tra­tive costs of the pro­gram.

In this year’s series, we shared sto­ries of peo­ple who are among our most needy, but also de­ter­mined to change their lives and help oth­ers. They in­clude foster teen Keve­lyn Duarte, who’s been get­ting her life on track with the help of her Court Ap­pointed Spe­cial Ad­vo­cate, and is look­ing for­ward to grad­u­at­ing from high school this spring; Fer­di­nand Man­gaoang, whose fam­ily cares for him at home af­ter a de­bil­i­tat­ing stroke; and DeLo­ria White, who is nav­i­gat­ing life with HIV.

Fol­low­ing is a par­tial list of Wish Book donors who con­trib­uted gen­er­ously be­tween Dec. 11 and Dec. 31 and who would like to be pub­licly ac­knowl­edged. Wish Book would also like to thank the many donors who wish to re­main anony­mous but whose gifts will help make a dif­fer­ence for so many peo­ple.


Sara Abra­ham, Ruth Adams, Kay Allen, Keith An­der­son, Lois An­der­son, Scott & Jean­nine An­gell, Leslie Anido in honor of Andrew, Kyle, Jamie, and Katie Roberta Archibald, Sandy Arevalo, Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Arthurs, Paul Ask­ou­nis in honor of Ge­orge & Mary Ask­ou­nis, Henry & Jen­nie Francesco, Shirley As­plund


Brian Bade­noch in honor of Mary Art­ibee & Milt Mal­lory, Jen­nifer Bai­ley, Leslie Bai­ley, Cipri­ano Bareng, Anne Bat­tle, Phil Baudet, Ros­alie Baum in honor of Mark Mur­phy, Linda Beau­jon in honor of Deb­o­rah Beau­jon, Ge­orge Beers, Eu­ge­nia J. Benedetti, Roger & Carol Ben­nett, Leslie Berger, Eleanore Ber­man, Paul Blach in honor of Beth Blach, Robert Bog­danoff in honor of Pat & John Bog­danoff, Richard Bondi, Lois Book­man in honor of AchieveKids, Sinead Borg­ersen in honor of Mickey Borg­ersen. Dolores Bo­rile, John Bower. Sue Bowl­ing. Lu­cille Bragga, Deb­bie Bretschnei­der in honor of Dot­tie Bretschnei­der, Karen Brieger. Rowan Briggs, Jeff Brin­ley. Con­nie Brown in honor of Brett David Brown, Ja­son Bu­berel, Lai T. Bui, Nancy Bur­nett, Jonathan Burns. Sherisse Burns. Louise Bur­ton, Glen & Rona Buschbaum Eileen Cam­pagna, Brian Cane, Mau­reen Cap­pon-Javey in honor of Reza Javey, Ron Carmichael in honor of John Coburn, Michael Car­roll. Leonardo Cas­taneda, Mer­cado Bernard Castellino, J.L. Cath­cart, Henry Chace, Mar­lene Chan, Mar­sha Chan, Martha Chan, Malini Chan­dra, Clau­dia Cher­lin, Larry Ch­erniss, Rox­anne Chinn, Thomas Chip­man, G Cho in honor of SG Cho and N Cho, Roberta Chock, Lynn Chro­nis, Pauline Chu in honor of my par­ents, Mr. & Mrs. Y.S. Lo, Wil­liam Chu, Ai-Kyung Chung, El­iz­a­beth Cilke,r Bar­bara Clapp, Steve Cle­mons, Linda Cochran, Kath­leen Co­hen in honor of Max Co­hen, Deb Colden in honor of Syd­ney and Ja­cob Marker, Chris­tine Con­klin, Mary Cooper, Kath­leen Cor­bal, Kath­leen Corsello, Mary Creel, Deb­o­rah Crim in honor of Eve­lyn Tower, Dorothy Cronk, Michelle Crosby, Michele Cul­ber­son, Con­suelo Cul­bert­son, Mike Cul­casi in honor of Phil and Rose Cul­casi, Darby Cun­ning in honor of Mary Vavuris and Michelle Bar­bour

ir­ginia Dahl in honor of Ali­son Mackey, Patrick Dal­ton, Paul Dankert, Subhra Datta, Ar­mando Dava­los, Brenda Davis, Gary H. Dean, Chirs del Pi­lar, Su­san Dellwo, Bon­nie DeMalta, Louise dePutron, Rob Devin­cenzi, Ger­ald L. Di Salvo in honor of Phyl­lis Di Salvo, Julie Diaz in honor of Keve­lyn, Vir­ginia Dick­ens, Stacy Dick­er­son in honor of my sis­ter, Janet Diehl, Joanie Dins­more, Rudy Dit­trich, Phong Do, Peter Doelling in honor of Kurt Doelling — Brother/ Friend, Kath­leen Do­err in honor of Trey Cald­well, Kathy Doi, Martin Donez in honor of An­nika Donez, El­iz­a­beth Drescher in honor of David Drescher, Laura Du­ato, Terry Duffy in honor of our par­ents, Chris Duffy Wat­son


Joan En­sign, Darcy Es­covedo, Bruce Esh­le­man, Terri Et­tinger

ndres Fa­jardo in honor of Luis, Felipe Fa­jardo, Austa Fal­coner in honor of Susie Cadorin, Michael Fast, Phyl­lis Faxon, Janet Fee, John Fen­ster­wald, Jan Ferguson, Mar­i­lyn Fer­nan­des, Brian Fer­nan­dez in honor of Beatrice Fer­nan­dez and Sandy Polando, Lorin Fink, Margaret Fisher, Denice Fon­taine in honor of Frank and Dorothy Poso, Mar­i­lyn A. Ford­ham, Wil­liam Forsythe, Wendy Fot­land, Lynne S. Fovinci, Claire Fraisl in honor of Jen Fraisl, Maria Franco in honor of Joao Franco, Mar­git Fry­man, Car­rie Fu­jino, Delia Fu­jino, Michele Fuller, Donna Fu­ruta


Charles Gail­lard, Kathryn Gal­lant, Ann M. Gard in honor of Phil & Betty Cordeiro, Deb­o­rah Gar­vey, Ellen Gar­vey, Gates Pass Ad­vi­sors LLC, Juanita Ge­orge, Sar­ba­jit Ghosal, Leslie Gill in honor of Trans­gen­der Teens, Noelle Gil­lies, He­len Gjerde in honor of Jane Keogh, Terri Glenn, Robert Gold­berg, Augie Gon­salez in honor of Joaquin David Gon­za­les, Varada Gopalakr­ish­nan, Ron Gor­man in lov­ing mem­ory of Dan D. Gor­man, Elaine Gould, Rose Grav­elle in honor of Grav­elle grand­chil­dren, Chris­tine Green in honor of Gayle & Sharon Green fam­ily, Bar­bara Grieser in honor of my mother, Leslie Grif­fith in honor of Janet Grif­fith, Deb­bie Guadan, Donna Guldimann


Charles Habib, Lars Ha­gen, Paul Halpern in honor of Nor­man Gussin, Lawrence Ham­bly, Vir­ginia Hanna, Dick Han­nah in honor of Jim & He­len Cramer, Adri­enne Har­ber in honor of Carolyn Har­ber, Sally Har­ris, Peggy Heath, Ram­das Hegde, Thomas Heim in honor of Ray, Jean and Robert Heim, Pam Helmer, Dr. Donna Hen­der­son in honor of Starr, John, and John-John, Cindy Hen­drick­son, Pa­tri­cia Hen­driks, Evan Hennessey, Anita R. Her­rmann, Bar­bara Hoff­man, Paul Hsieh, Anne Hub­bard in honor of Mau­reen Gua­jardo, Gary Hub­bard, Wil­liam Huey in honor of Wy­att Huey


Janet Ikeda in honor of Dick Naka­sone


Max Jedda in honor of Lori Jedda, Sara & Ri­cardo Jenez, Carol Jen­nings, Re­becca Jensen, Re­bekah Jensen, An­gelina John­son in honor of Don Cordero, Re­bekah John­son, Mil­lie Jones, Robert Jones, Jane Jor­dan Napren­dra Kalra in honor of Naren­dra Kalra, Ken­neth Kasik in honor of Lo­gan Kasik’s friends, Randy Katkus in honor of Laura Di­a­mond, John Keefe in honor of Myr­tle Keefe, Liza Keh in honor of Doris Keh, James Kel­ley in honor of Shawn Kel­ley, Mary Kelly, Daphne Kennedy, Jeanette E. Kennedy, E.H. King, John King in honor of Geral­dine King and Kather­ine Rieber, Janay Kings­berry, Anna Kjos, Irma Klassen, Rita Kn­abe, Mr. & Mrs. Steve Kohler, El­iz­a­beth Kok, Mar­lene Kono in honor of Fromm In­sti­tute stu­dents and staff, Janet Korn­berg, Asha Ku­mar, Nancy Kvork


Ge­orgina La Berge, He­lene Lafrance, Alan Lagod, Mark Lambert, Co­rina Lan­franco, Bar­bara Lang­wor­thy in honor of Herb, Sonny Davis, Veron­ica Lara, Maria Larson in honor of Yvonne, Ed­ward Lau in honor of Edick Lau, John Lau­mann, Lance Law­son, Martha Lazarakis, Char­lotte Leary, Mary J. Le­feb­vre, Jan Let­son, Sam Lic­cardo & Jes­sica Gar­ci­aKohl Lic­cardo, Paul Lieben­berg, Ed Linn, Bette Lloyd in honor of Madeleine Lloyd, Me­gan Lovelace in honor of Mary Lovelace, Ken­dra Lueke in honor of Lori Ross-Pick, Karen Lund in honor of Li­etz School teach­ers — past & present, Bar­bara Lynn


Christina Ma, Mar­jorie Ma, Ali­son Mackey in honor of Wal­ter & Vir­ginia Dahl, Tom & Teri Dahl, Paul MacQuiddy, Ju­dith Man­ton, Jes­sica Manzi, Bonni Maran­tette, Bar­bara Martin in honor of Keve­lyn Duarte, Nancy C. Martin, Robert Martinez, Merle & Joy Ma­son, Ann Mc­Carty, Denice McCol­lough, Mary Elaine McEn­ery, Marc McGeever, N.J. McKee, Sean McMa­hon, Pa­tri­cia McRae, Bob McVey in honor of Josie, Paula Meier in honor of Joseph Schu­maker, Jr., Alan Mena, Maq­dooda Merchant in honor of Za­rina A Kham­baty, Denise Michael, Bryan Miller in honor of Don & Joyce Ped­er­sen, John T. Miller, Chris­tine Min­nie, Ann R. Mi­ras­sou, Joette Mitchell, Scott W. Mitchell, Olga Mitina, Carol Mon­a­han, Leigh Moni­chon, Sylvia Moore in honor of Me­lany Moore, Mick Du­das, Deb­o­rah Moore, Polly Moreno, Lynn Mor­gan, Su­san Mor­lang, Diana Moss, The Mosse Fam­ily, Pa­tri­cia Munoz, Jen­nie L. Mur­phy, Dr. Heather My­ers, Sid­ney My­gatt yan Nakashima, Janet Neilsen, Felice Nel­son


Lor­raine Ol­son, Al­fred Ot­tino Ter­rie Page, Bev­er­lee Pasco in honor of Pa­tri­cia Ann Pasco, Mi­lan Patel, Her­bert Perry, Karen Pet­ter­son, Gail Petty, War­ren Pierce, Mar­sha Pol­lak, Penny Pollock, Anne Pound in honor of all women cop­ing alone, Dr. Sachin Pre­ma­suthan, John Price, Lee N. Price


Ethel Queen, Lili Quiroz


Gladie Rab­itz, Caro­line Rack­owski in honor of Margie Snively, Jonathan Rat­tner in honor of Mar­i­lyn Gold­berg, Maura Rees, Je­nae Re­ich, Lisa Reiss, Paul Reki­eta, Ly Re­vut­sky, Gabriel Reyes, Ina Rhee, Joseph Ric­cardo in honor of Gema Or­tiz, Vera Richard, JoAnne Robert­son, Bill Roeschlein, Jim Rogers in honor of our moth­ers, Ca­role Ryan in honor of Robert Cul­len­bine, Sharon Ryan


Craig Sakamoto, Betsy Sand­ford in honor of Mar­i­lyn and Richard Stoops, Robert and Emma Ross, Owen Sax­ton, Therese Schecter, Ni­co­las Scherer, Timo Scherer, Mau­reen Schim­mel, Dick Sch­midt, Roberta Schulte, Charles Schulz, Jean Schwab in honor of Linda & Loren Solin, Wil­liam Sch­warz in honor of Marti Kulisch & Mary Egan, The Seely Fam­ily, Chris­tine Segerham­mar in honor of Marco Don­dero, Judi Seip, Ed Selden, Vi­j­nan Shas­tri, Michael Shea in honor of Shea grand­chil­dren, Mimi Shell­man, Mort Sherin, Linda Sherry in honor of Max and Erna Eisen­mann, P V Shivku­mar, Tove Si­mon­sen, Galen Stallings, Roger Stephens, Re­becca Stephen­son, Nancy Struck, An­drea Sul­li­van in honor of Nathan, Han­nah & Mag­gie


Lois S. Tarr, Betsy Tem­ple­ton, Jeff Thomas, Amy Thomp­son in honor of Bill Kruse, Monet Thomson, Laura Tin­dall, Yuko Toda, Gene Tognetti in honor of Fred and Clara Tognetti, Ray­mond Tom, Lee To­masello, Margaret Tracy in honor of Margaret Tracy, Diane Trom­betta, Ti­mothy Tsun aura Ugokwe in honor of Pete CaJa­cob

eorgina Van Horn in honor of Richard W. Van Horn, Patti Van­der­burg in honor of Erik and Patti van der Burg, An­thony Van­der­steen, Su­nita Verma in honor of Su­nita’s Col­lege Con­sult­ing, Nancy Vielicka, Jan­ice Ville­maire, Fred Virdeh, Craig Von Waaden


Grace Wada, Richard Wal­ter, Lorri Wat­son, Ru­dith We­ber, Robin Wedell, Alice Weigel, Tam­mie Weigl in honor of Women Class ’84 Thiel Col­lege, Har­riet Weiss in honor of my grand­chil­dren, Marian Wel­don, Kath­leen Wen­zell, He­len K. Westly, Carolyn West­phal in honor of my fam­ily, Carol White­ley, Ju­dith Wil­liam, Lynn Wil­liams, Linda Wil­son in honor of Wanda Smith, D & K Win­ters, Ann Wise, Soni Wise­man, Fred Wol­cott, Jude Wong, Is­abelle M. Wright, Wilma Wright

olleen Ya­mada, Amy Yeckel Edi­son & Jan­ice Yee, Ruth Yoon in honor of He­len Dun­lea, June Yoshida in mem­ory of Mark Shimizu, Bar­bara Young, Jim Young, Alice Yu


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