The Mercury News Weekend

Super quiz Graduate level



( e. g., Firs t to appear on a po s tage s tamp. Answer : George Washington.)

Freshman level

1. Firs t to be the s on of a former pre sident.

2. Firs t to marr y three time s.

3. First to resign from the presidency.

4. Firs t to live in the White House.

5. Firs t to have been divorce d.

6. Firs t born outside of the 48 contiguous s tate s .

Ph. D. level

7. Firs t to die in of fice.

8. Firs t pre sident ele cted as D emocr at to the pre sidency.

9. Who is thought to be the firs t pre sident to wear long trousers ins tead of knee bre eche s?

— Nor th America Syndicate Inc.

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