The Mercury News Weekend : 2021-01-01

At Your Service : 16 : B8

At Your Service

B8 111 FRIDAY, JANUARY 1, 2021 BAY AREA NEWS GROUP ADVICE OVERBOARD: By Chip Dunham PARDON MY PLANET: By Vic Lee PEANUTS CLASSIC: By Charles M. Schulz BLONDIE: By Dean Young & John Marshall THE DUPLEX: By Glenn McCoy ADAM@HOME: By Rob Harrell 7 7: 30 8 8: 30 9 9: 30 10 10: 30 11 11: 30 1/1 PM PM PM PM PM Big Bang Big Bang Theory Theory InsEd. (N) ET (N) News Family (N) Feud JeopaWheel rdy! (N) (N) JeopaWheel rdy! (N) (N) GZERO W.Week W (N) (N) Access Access Weakest Link News H. (N) 'TVPG' (N) Tonight Rosa Guadalupe Vencer el De (N) Ambición (N) Noticias Noticie. News KOFY BlackBlack­Minute This LawCNews (N) (N) ish ish (N) Minute rime (N) (N) Chinese News (N) Zhejiang Satellite TV News Zhejiang Satellite TV To Be Announced Local Program K-Pop Arts.21 Euromxx News (N) Health NASA TV K-Pop BigBang BigBang WWE SmackDown (-1) 'TV14' Ten News (N) 2 Broke 2 Broke News (N) Modern Modern BigBang BigBang Seinfeld Seinfeld Creek News Donnie Swaggart 'TVG' FWC Music Jimmy Swaggart Ministries 'TVG' GoldGoldRu­Paul's Drag Race "The Masters Two and Two and Family Bob's berg berg Pork Chop" (SP) (N) 'TV14' Illusion a Half a Half Guy Burgers ET (N) InsEd. (N) MacGyver Magnum P.I. Blue Bloods News (N) Colbert Skiptrace (‘16, Act) Johnny Todo Por Mi Hija Falsa Identidad NoticiNoti­cias Knoxville, Jackie Chan. 'TV14' (N) (N) ero T (N) (N) Antiques InspectIns­pector Masterpiec­e Mystery! Sherlock Roadshow 'TVG' or Morse Morse 'TV14' 'TV14' Holmes 'TVPG' Keto Diet With Dr. J 'TVPG' Master Your Future 'TVPG' DW News NHK World TV CSI: Miami CSI: Miami CSI: Miami CSI: Miami CSI: Miami Italian Job The Revenant (‘15, Dra) Leonardo DiCaprio. 'TVMA' Esta Historia Me WWE SmackDown (-1) 'TV14' The Ten O'Clock News at News (N) 'TVG' 11 (N) KRON 4 News (N) InsEd. Blue Bloods 'TV14' News (N) News (N) News (N) History Modern Family ET 2 FOX 4 IND 5 CBS 7 ABC 8 NBC 9 PBS 11 NBC 14 UNI 20 IND 26 IND 28 IND 32 IND 35 FOX 36 IND 42 IND 44 CW 46 CBS 48 TELE 54 PBS KCSM 65 ION 66 TELE KRON 4 News (N) MacGyver 'TV14' KRON 4 News (N) Magnum P.I. 'TV14' Shark Tank 'TVPG' 20/20 Interviews and hard-hitting investigat­ive reports. 'TVPG' Dateline NBC "The Betrayal of Sarah Stern" 'TVG' Great Performanc­es (N) Beyond 'TVG' Canvas Dateline NBC "The Betrayal of Sarah Stern" 'TVG' Imperio de M (N) Monk 'TVPG' PC AND PIXEL: By Tak Bui (:35) Colbert J. Kimmel (:35) Weakest Link 'TVPG' City Rising 'TVPG' (:35) Tonight Firing Line (N) (:35) REX MORGAN: By Terry Beatty (6:00) (:50) (:20) (:45) The 6: CABLE 7 7: 30 8 8: 30 9 9: 30 10 10: 30 11 11: 30 PM PM PM PM PM The First 48 First 48: My First Live Rescue (N) 'TV14' Movie Rocky IV (‘85, Dra) 'TVPG' Rocky Balboa (‘06, Dra) 'TVPG' Movie Below Deck Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix 'TVPG' Harry Potter &... The 2000s The Eighties 'TVPG' The Seventies News (N) Creek Office Office Office Office Office SouthPk SouthPk SouthPk Pregme NBA Basketball Por./G.S. ' TVG' WarriorsPo­stgame Warriors 49erPlan Dog Show American Ninja American Ninja Race Football ForgottenD­ynasty Gold Rush (N) Gold Rush 'TV14' GoldRushMi­ne Football Ohio St./Clem. TBA SportsCent­er (-1) SportsCent­er (-1) Football Ingraham Angle Fox News @ Night Tucker Carlson Hannity Ingraham Angle Diners Diners Diners Diners Diners BeatFlay BeatFlay BeatFlay BeatFlay BeatFlay Hangove... The Equalizer 2 (‘18, Act) 'TV14' The Equalizer 2 'TV14' PGA Golf Classics ' TVG' PGA Golf Classics 2020 Rocket Mortgage Classic 'TVG' Ki... Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs ... of Prey: & the Fantabul... Act 2:... Pretty Woman (‘90, Rom) Richard Gere. 'TV14' Teacher Epidemic OBAMA 'TVPG' OBAMA Dateline Astronau Side Hus Side Hus Sponge Sheldon Sheldon Friends Friends Friends Friends Twilig... The Twilight Saga: Breaking Daw... The Twilight Saga: Breaking Daw... Twilight Twilight Twilight Twilight Twilight Twilight Twilight Twilight Twilight Twilight Back to the Future III (‘90, Sci-Fi) 'TVPG' The Best Man Holiday (‘13, Com) 'TVMA' 90 Day Fiancé 90 Day Fiancé 90 Day Fiancé 90Day To Be Announced 90 Day Movie Man and the Wasp 'TVPG' Mummy: Tomb of the Dr... Law&Order: SVU Law&Order: SVU Law&Order: SVU Law&Order: SVU Law&Order: SVU A&E AMC BRAVO CNN COM CSNBA CSNCA DSC ESPN FNC FOOD FX GOLF HBO LIFE MSNBC NICK SHOW SYFY TBS TLC TNT USA +++ +++ (6:00) Office 6: (6:00) (:20) (5:) The 6: ++ ++ (6:00) Godzilla: Sister Birds 5:45 5: :20 Bad (:05) +++ (6:00) The 5:55 +++ ++ Ant- The (:45) :15 ++