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Service animals flying on flights crucial for many


Re: “Animals should not be in cabins on flights” (Letters to the editor, Page A6, Jan. 6):

While you might not understand “the rationale” behind service/support animals flying with passengers, I feel as though one needs to inform you that per the government and most airlines’ rules, service animals can come on the plane with the right paperwork, certificat­ion, etc.

If the concern is nontraditi­onal companions, the federal government has announced that creatures like spiders are exempt from these legal rights. As someone terrified of spiders, I can understand hesitation­s at tarantulas on planes.

As someone who struggles with mental health and who knows some of the struggles one experience­s from personal experience and from friendship, there is no self-serving component to an emotional support animal nor succumbing from any airline and passengers.

I do hope you can recognize the special privilege in not understand­ing how bad it can get and consider if what is being said further stigmatize­s something.

— Naomi Maxon Dahl Sunnyvale

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