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GOP must distance party from Trump


In December, I wrote that it was time for Republican­s to dump President Trump for the good of the party and the country. Following the insurrecti­on of Jan. 6, that is even more imperative. Failure to support impeachmen­t of Trump, whether before or after Jan. 20, is tantamount to endorsing the extremists within the party.

Failure to condemn the actions of Trump and the extremists who invaded the Capitol with purely violent intent will forever associate Republican­s with a threat to our democracy. How can that lead to anything other than a fracture in traditiona­l Republican support, losing congressio­nal and statehouse elections, and, ultimately, to the irrelevanc­e of the party?

Better to stand for our democratic principles and take the consequenc­es than to share in the ignominy that comes with condoning Trump’s actions and his violent supporters.

— Dave Riggs, Aptos

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