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Column hangs argument on false equivalenc­y


There he goes again. I saw a faint glimmer of hope when in a recent column, conservati­ve pundit Marc Thiessen finally appeared to realize that President Trump is a dangerous, racist narcissist who supports extremist hate groups. Alas, on Sunday, he had the gall to compare the violent attempt to overtake our national Capitol by armed thugs who killed and injured Capitol police officers on Jan. 6 to the peaceful protests at Wisconsin’s Capitol in 2011 (“Democrats show double standard on Capitol attack,” Page A13, Jan. 17).

He clearly doesn’t know the difference between nonviolent civil disobedien­ce and a violent attempt to overturn a certified democratic election. Columnists should be required to pass a logical reasoning competency test before being published in major news sources.

— Karinne Gordon Pacific Grove

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