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Helpful Expertise® from Owners of Local, Top Rated Companies Troy Scott: A Heavenly Opportunit­y

- By JAMES FLORENCE, Diamond Certified Resource Reporter

When Troy Scott started working at Heavenly Greens as a sale rep in 2006, he never thought he’d eventually own the company. “I was drawn to this company by a fascinatio­n with the artificial turf industry,” he remembers. “Not only was it an innovative, growing industry, I had a feeling that water conservati­on would continue to be a trend, which it has. I started handling marketing for the company, and I eventually got promoted to vice president of marketing. In 2017, Tim Netherton, who was vice president of sales, and I acquired the company from the original owner.” Today, Troy says his favorite part of his job is applying cutting-edge technology...Continued at

 ??  ?? Troy Scott
Owner, Heavenly Greens
Troy Scott Owner, Heavenly Greens

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