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Popular trends in home exteriors


Certain homes have an undeniable wow factor. That instant appeal tends to be noticeable the moment visitors pull up to the curb, and it might be a byproduct of homeowners’ willingnes­s to embrace the latest exterior design trends.

Trends come and go, but recognitio­n of the current fashions can help homeowners create that highly soughtafte­r wow factor. The following are some recent trends in home exteriors that have helped homeowners set their properties apart.


Natural wood has undeniable appeal, and it hasn’t only gained newfound devotion among home interior decorators.

Natural wood garage doors create a sense of warmth and can set a home apart from others with steel doors, which tend to be the most popular garage door material.

In addition to the garage door, natural wood entry doors and wood decks are popular ways to impart this classical, warm look to a home’s exterior.

Painted brick

Like natural wood, brick is a traditiona­l material that’s both sturdy and classical. But homeowners can add character to brick with a coat of paint, which has become a popular trend in recent years. Light tones tend to be most popular when painting brick.

The experts at Better Homes & Gardens note that this could prove a long-term commitment if homeowners so desire, as a properly painted brick exterior could last as long as 20 years.


Hardscapin­g isn’t a new trend, but it has been thriving in recent years.

Hardscapin­g is an umbrella term that includes everything from outdoor living rooms to incorporat­ing natural stone into a landscape. Outdoor living rooms are one hardscapin­g trend that has become increasing­ly popular of late. These spaces serve as an extension of indoor living spaces.

The home improvemen­t experts at HGTV note that homeowners are looking to create covered outdoor rooms that can be enjoyed more frequently than patios or decks that are not protected from the elements.

Outdoor lighting

It makes sense that individual­s looking to spend more time enjoying outdoor areas of their properties would want more lighting outside. Ambient outdoor lighting can be utilized throughout a property. Such lighting can brighten up walkways and driveways and be used to illuminate landscapin­g features such as trees and gardens.

Home design trends tend to be fickle. But recognitio­n of the current trends in exterior home design can set homes apart and turn properties into awe-inspiring places to enjoy the great outdoors.

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