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Pottstown, you re­ally need to get some park­ing for the down­town area se­ri­ously. All Pottstown needs to do is in­vest in tear­ing some of these crappy build­ings down that we have. It would help a lot, let me tell you.

The state has now agreed to al­low gam­bling on sports games. They’ve in­creased the num­ber of casi­nos and Gov. Wolf said that with all the money that they would get from this gam­bling they would give more money to the schools so that we wouldn’t have to in­crease the prop­erty tax. What hap­pened to that money I’d like to ask Gov. Wolf be­cause our school taxes went up, so what hap­pened to the money that he said he was go­ing to give to the schools?

I put the news on the other day hop­ing to hear and see what’s hap­pen­ing over in Is­rael and there was al­most noth­ing on it. Some didn’t have any­thing so I turned the darn stuff off. I can’t be­lieve it. It’s his­tory in the mak­ing. It is Bi­ble prophecy com­ing true, a whole lot of it has been com­ing true and this is big and the anti-Christ me­dia ig­nores it. I can’t be­lieve it; no I can, con­sid­er­ing what they are.

What about all the hate com­ments re­lat­ing to Me­la­nia and Ivanka Trump? Shouldn’t an apol­ogy be given to them also?

Don’t be in a rush to give Trump a No­bel prize be­cause he is more likely to start World War III.

If any­body would be in­ter­ested, there’s a new ra­dio sta­tion in Phoenixville. It’s 98.5 XPH FM. It seems to be play­ing mu­sic from the 60s and 70s and any­thing they want to play. I was lis­ten­ing to it for quite a few days and it sounds pretty good to me.

Tiger did it again, chump change $225,000. Just put that all to­gether, not too bad for a per­son 42-years-old and ma­jor back surgeries and was off golf­ing for a few years. Keep the good work up Tiger.

I keep re­ceiv­ing phone calls listed on my caller ID as “spam?” fol­lowed by a phone num­ber. Could some­body please call in and ex­plain this as I do not want to pick the phone up when this comes across the screen and I don’t want to call the num­ber back ei­ther for fear of some­thing hap­pen­ing to my phone or my num­ber. If some­body could clar­ify what this is on my screen, I would deeply ap­pre­ci­ate it.

Martha, the church is in North­east Philly. My mother went there half her life, lived here, then re­turned to be buried with her hus­band. The Mass was $400, or­gan­ist $175, can­tor was $175, two al­tar servers $30 and view­ing in the church was $250. It had to be paid be­fore the Mass started. My brother buried his wife al­most a year ago here in town and the to­tal was over $700. These two peo­ple gave faith­fully all their lives. Ag­nos­tic

For all of those who have been call­ing in and de­fend­ing Don­ald Trump’s good deeds lately, I’m sure even Al Capone and John Gotti oc­ca­sion­ally did nice things for peo­ple, but in the end they still went to jail. So will Trump.

I hope the Pottstown GoFourth! Fes­ti­val T-shirt is a Lifewear T-shirt. Lifewear is a 100 per­cent union Amer­i­can-made lo­cal man­u­fac­turer of short and long sleeved T-shirts and sweat­shirts.

I keep read­ing about Gene Ven­zke in The Mer­cury all the time. It’s nice, he did a lot but how about those Marquette broth­ers who fin­ished first and sec­ond in the Ch­es­monts in their time? Let’s hear about those guys.

Re­gard­ing the tax in­crease in Boy­er­town, the school board needs to look at sev­eral of its neigh­bors, ex­am­ple Pottstown and Read­ing, and see what hap­pens when in­dus­try leaves — peo­ple leave. You can­not af­ford your ridicu­lous tax in­creases any­more. I won­der how many teach­ers or school board mem­bers are los­ing their homes? Re­mem­ber you get noth­ing from an empty house. Delaware looks bet­ter and bet­ter every day.

I was read­ing Tues­day’s Mer­cury about the mother who got beat by her daugh­ter. How can a child beat their mother that way? That is ter­ri­ble. I pray that mother is OK and that child de­serves ev­ery­thing she gets. Thank you for ar­rest­ing her and charg­ing her for at­tempted homi­cide. You don’t think about what your par­ents do for you all through your life and now in re­turn be­cause you have to care for your mother and help her out you beat her be­cause you’re tired of it? Dis­grace­ful

Health tip of the day: We all need pro­teins for a healthy body and mind and eggs are the ex­cel­lent source of pro­tein. My fa­vorite way to en­joy eggs is in choco­late cake. Jim Fitch Sound Off is a fo­rum to spur di­a­logue from res­i­dents of the com­mu­ni­ties we serve on top­ics of in­ter­est in those com­mu­ni­ties. Fair game are com­ments that raise is­sues of note or am­plify on­go­ing de­bates. We will not pub­lish com­ments that are po­ten­tially li­belous, slan­der­ous, mean-spir­ited, vul­gar or in­ap­pro­pri­ate. Pub­li­ca­tions of Sound Off com­ments are at the sole dis­cre­tion of the pub­lisher.

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