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The Mercury (Pottstown, PA) - - LOCAL NEWS -

This is to the per­son who called in about how they’re go­ing to lose their house be­cause they can’t af­ford to pay their taxes. I feel for you. You know if you used drugs and over­dosed or were an il­le­gal, the state of Penn­syl­va­nia would take care of you. It’s re­ally sad.

It was so good to see our Pres­i­dent Don­ald Trump at the Peace Of­fi­cers Me­mo­rial gath­er­ing. That is beau­ti­ful. He is a pres­i­dent we can be proud of.

The Boy­er­town Area School Dis­trict has a hard bud­get to fig­ure out this year. Let’s all help out and let’s not plug our cell phones and elec­tric cars into our school out­lets and have the tax­pay­ers pay for it. A Con­cerned Tax­payer

Now that you can bet on sports in the United States I think that Pete Rose should be ex­on­er­ated.

Were politi­cians ever known for their hon­esty? But to hear the lib­er­als our pres­i­dent started it. Most of the me­dia is full of un­truths or twisted facts as Mueller’s in­ves­ti­ga­tion was started with false in­for­ma­tion. The mass con­fu­sion of truth and lies was fore­told long ago. Good luck Amer­ica. Lady Di

Pales­tine needs to be very thank­ful to Is­rael. The big­gest rea­son is be­cause Is­rael gave them the sewer sys­tem.

I want to say many, many ku­dos to Dana Mil­bank in Tues­day’s Mer­cury con­cern­ing John McCain. He is truly a hero who has suf­fered in a POW camp and has given much of his life to our beloved coun­try. If only we had more like him.

It’s hard to be­lieve in this dark hour when the ruth­less and un­civ­i­lized pres­i­dent by his un­seemly ac­tions threat­ens to un­der­mine the civ­i­liza­tion of not only the U.S. but also the en­tire Western world. How­ever I firmly be­lieve that the cur­rent U.S. gov­ern­ment cri­sis will pass, that re­spon­si­ble cit­i­zens will even­tu­ally find a leader who’ll pro­vide en­light­ened direc­tion. One Who Knows

John McCain is a true hero and a war pa­triot who sur­vived five-anda-half years in prison. Trump isn’t qual­i­fied nor de­serv­ing of pol­ish­ing John McCain’s wel­learned com­bat boots. Jay Miller

I saw an ar­ti­cle in The Mer­cury the other day about peo­ple los­ing their food stamps and stuff like that. That’s great. There was a woman in there who said she had four chil­dren and she couldn’t af­ford to keep them if she lost the food stamps. Well, she has a 19-year-old. Can’t the 19-year-old go out and help the fam­ily? It’s just a thought. Peo­ple are tak­ing ad­van­tage of the sys­tem. Go Don­ald Trump, do your job.

Trump is long over­due for a men­tal eval­u­a­tion. He was against the NRA, now he loves them. He called Kim Jong-un all kinds of names, now he’s his best friend. For years he harped about China’s un­fair trade, now he’s wor­ried that China is los­ing too many jobs. He’s work­ing to save a Chinese com­pany that is work­ing against us. He could or­der more hats from them this time say­ing “Make China Great Again.”

The new Lim­er­ick Town­ship build­ing is ab­so­lutely beau­ti­ful. You could com­pare it to the Taj Ma­hal in In­dia. I’m re­ally proud to see my tax dol­lars with all that beauty and all that space. Wouldn’t block and stucco have been cheaper? This is a se­nior cit­i­zen who is go­ing to lose his prop­erty be­cause of taxes. For­give me if I sound an­gry, I am.

What I’d like to see here in Pottstown is they need to stop with these back al­ley garages, the ones that peo­ple are do­ing busi­ness out of fix­ing cars and the cars stay in the al­ley. It’s ridicu­lous. You can’t even get down the al­leys. They need to take care of this.

It’s great to know there are hon­est and kind peo­ple. My wal­let fell out of my wife’s purse in the park­ing lot of Spring-Ford Diner at lunch time on May 14. A kind gen­tle­man found it and took it into the diner and lo­cated the owner which was me. Thank you again to this kind man. It saved me from hav­ing to re­place cards, money, etc. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Paul

This is Alan Collins. I would like to thank The Mer­cury for pub­lish­ing my in­for­ma­tion about the Am­bas­sador of Peace Award in Korea for the time that I was in the ser­vice. Thank you very much.

Be­fore ev­ery­one starts blam­ing their re­spec­tive school board for their tax in­creases educate your­self in re­gards to the pen­sion plan pay­outs the teach­ers re­ceive. School dis­tricts have no con­trol over these plans but state rep­re­sen­ta­tives who also re­ceive them do. Grow­ing teach­ers’ pen­sion plan pay­outs is what ev­ery­one should be com­plain­ing about. How many tax­pay­ers out there have a pen­sion plan in this day and age?

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