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The Mercury (Pottstown, PA) - - LOCAL NEWS -

I’d like to know why they can find all kinds of grant money to give to bor­oughs and town­ships for these walk­ing trails. Look what Royersford is get­ting to ex­tend their trail. But they can’t find any money to fix the Keim Street bridge which takes thou­sands of peo­ple a day across the river. Those walk­ing trails maybe ac­com­mo­date a cou­ple hun­dred peo­ple a day. So let’s re­place that bridge and let the peo­ple have a short­cut to town. Many peo­ple will use that com­pared to the trail.

I’d like to give a big shout-out to the guy that’s been pick­ing up trash at South Street Park on week­ends. The park looks beau­ti­ful when you’re done. With four or five trash cans to pick from it’s a shame peo­ple are that lazy that they can’t throw their trash in them in­stead of on the ground.

I want to thank the per­son who called in about the de­vel­op­ment in Lim­er­ick Town­ship. I’ve been here over 50 years and I used to know the peo­ple around me. I don’t know any­body any­more. What is hap­pen­ing? I love Lim­er­ick but it’s get­ting too much de­vel­op­ment. Please lis­ten to us.

It’s seems that a lot of money is be­ing spent to fix side­walks and put in places for peo­ple with coaches and strollers and walk­ers that they can cross eas­ily but still cer­tain peo­ple just cross in the mid­dle of the street. Saw a lady at CVS push her baby right across the mid­dle of the high­way stop­ping traf­fic. I can’t fig­ure it out, maybe you can.

For Info De­pot, you are truly mis­lead­ing. The “pi­geons” did not say they were com­ing with 80 peo­ple, they were not com­ing with 80. You were to­tally mis­in­formed. Fact

Three thou­sand peo­ple have been killed in Chicago, mur­dered this year. Trump said when he was run­ning for pres­i­dent he was go­ing to take care of this the first month he was in office. Lot of talk.

The Trump ad­min­is­tra­tion is run­ning a con­cen­tra­tion camp in Brownsville, Texas, where chil­dren are be­ing sep­a­rated from their par­ents. Sen. Jeff Merkley from Ore­gon went there to in­ves­ti­gate and was de­nied en­try. This is some­thing that should be made pub­lic. What are they do­ing to these chil­dren?

Re­gard­ing the Up­per Prov­i­dence Town­ship ad­min­is­tra­tion build­ing, progress is be­ing made closer to com­ple­tion. A one-stop for all res­i­dents and busi­ness trans­ac­tions was stated in the fall/win­ter 2017 news­let­ter. That will elim­i­nate go­ing from one build­ing to an­other. Hav­ing all de­part­ments in one lo­ca­tion will be a great im­prove­ment.

The drug use that goes on here in Pottstown in cer­tain ar­eas, we know which ones they are, it’s just out of con­trol. We don’t have enough po­lice to take care of it. What we need is some­one pa­trolling the streets at night. It would be nice ac­tu­ally to have the Na­tional Guard come in to put men out. That would be great. Do that for about a year and I think we might be able to get this place cleaned up a lit­tle bit.

I heard that there’s a move­ment in Canada to build a wall along the U.S. Cana­dian border. They want to pro­tect them­selves from Pres­i­dent Trump. They want the U.S. to pay for the wall.

Info De­pot, if you have been a life­long Ea­gles fan there’s no way you’re not go­ing to watch them. If those play­ers de­cided not to go to the White House that is their pre­rog­a­tive. Who re­ally cares? Also no one has to stand for the flag if they don’t want to. Just maybe if you don’t pay so much at­ten­tion to them they will stop. It’s their First Amend­ment right. Does any­one stand in their home when the an­them is play­ing? No. DP

How twisted are the lib­eral left? Lehrer’s com­ment hop­ing for a re­ces­sion shows how much the elite re­ally care about most Amer­i­cans. To carry such ha­tred de­stroys the one who car­ries it. It is a bad spirit cov­er­ing Amer­ica. There are win­ners and losers in ev­ery elec­tion but to not come to terms this long af­ter is un­prece­dented. Keep pray­ing Amer­ica. Lady Di

We see and read about the won­der­ful ac­com­plish­ments of our school ath­letes, cho­ruses and bands. Some of us also get to see the eighth-grade project at Boyertown Mid­dle School West. Ev­ery class­mate is teamed with about eight oth­ers and pre­pare a project dur­ing which they speak to us about the mas­ter plan to improve our com­mu­nity. This project is very in­stru­men­tal in de­vel­op­ing self es­teem and co­op­er­a­tion and should be viewed by all par­ents and the pub­lic. It is won­der­ful. Jim Trib­bett

I’m al­ways amazed how some peo­ple go through life with a huge amount of debt. They de­serve a lot of credit. Jim Fitch Sound Off is a fo­rum to spur di­a­logue from res­i­dents of the com­mu­ni­ties we serve on top­ics of in­ter­est in those com­mu­ni­ties. Fair game are com­ments that raise is­sues of note or am­plify on­go­ing de­bates. We will not pub­lish com­ments that are po­ten­tially li­belous, slan­der­ous, mean-spir­ited, vul­gar or in­ap­pro­pri­ate. Pub­li­ca­tions of Sound Off com­ments are at the sole dis­cre­tion of the pub­lisher.

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