BET­TER THAN BOTOX: Mir­a­cle Mol­e­cule turns wrin­kled, sag­ging skin young again

Women are rav­ing about the life-chang­ing ef­fects of this pow­er­ful for­mula.

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BREAK­ING NEWS: There’s no deny­ing that peo­ple — mostly women — are on a mis­sion to dis­cover the best way to elim­i­nate fine lines and wrin­kles per­ma­nently. The $14 bil­lion dol­lars spent on aes­thetic pro­ce­dures in 2016 alone is a clear in­di­ca­tion of that fact.

But now sci­ence ap­pears to be of­fer­ing a sim­pler so­lu­tion. It’s a spe­cial de­liv­ery tech­nol­ogy adapted for skin­care that gets su­pe­rior re­sults.

Known as ad­vanced li­po­some tech­nol­ogy, this pow­er­ful distri­bu­tion sys­tem en­sures that vi­tal nu­tri­ents are de­liv­ered ex­actly where your skin needs them the most, pro­vid­ing your skin with max­i­mum anti-ag­ing ben­e­fits.

New Age-De­fy­ing ‘Der­mal Filler’ Cream in High De­mand

Al Sears, MD, of Palm Beach, Florida, re­cently re­leased an anti-ag­ing cream that adapts this break­through med­i­cal tech­nol­ogy into the realm of skin­care, and he’s strug­gling to keep up with con­sumer de­mand.

Dr. Sears is South Florida’s lead­ing anti-ag­ing pi­o­neer. He has au­thored over 500 re­ports, sci­en­tific papers, and books on anti-ag­ing. A fre­quent lec­turer at global anti-ag­ing con­fer­ences, Dr. Sears re­cently spoke at the WPBF 25 Health & Well­ness Fes­ti­val fea­tur­ing Dr. Oz, along with spe­cial guest, Suzanne Somers. Thou­sands of peo­ple were in at­ten­dance as Dr. Sears dis­cussed his lat­est an­ti­ag­ing break­throughs.

This pow­er­ful cream, known as Re­store, keeps sell­ing out faster than it’s pro­duced — and peo­ple are rav­ing about the ef­fect it’s hav­ing on their skin.

“Within a few min­utes of ap­ply­ing the cream, it vis­i­bly plumps out the un­der­eye area and my cheeks as well as those an­noy­ing lines that deepen as we age be­tween the nose and lips. It also felt like it was tight­en­ing and smooth­ing my skin at the same time. I def­i­nitely feel I look younger when­ever I use it,” said Amy B., of Montville, New Jer­sey.

“The lines around my mouth and eyes are filled in and my skin is tight­ened. I love hav­ing younger-look­ing skin, so I will con­tinue us­ing Re­store” raves Cathy C., of Florida.

The best part is that this cream has no ad­verse side ef­fects, doesn’t re­quire a doc­tor’s visit or pre­scrip­tion, and is 100% nat­u­ral.

Pow­er­ful De­liv­ery Sys­tem En­sures Nu­tri­ents Pen­e­trate Deep into Your Skin


li­po­some tech­nol­ogy en­sures that vi­tal nu­tri­ents are de­liv­ered ex­actly where your skin needs them the most.”

The der­mis is the un­der­ly­ing layer of skin that sup­plies nour­ish­ment and oxy­gen, and re­moves waste. In other words, it’s re­spon­si­ble for keep­ing your outer layer of skin healthy. Li­po­some tech­nol­ogy is de­signed to sup­port and nour­ish this deeper layer of skin by de­liv­er­ing nu­tri­ents di­rectly to it.

“All of Re­store’s pow­er­ful in­gre­di­ents are en­cap­su­lated in a li­po­some shell — an or­ganic con­tainer that car­ries the beau­ti­fy­ing agents deep into the skin cells,” ex­plained Dr. Sears.

“Re­store’s li­po­some shell is com­posed of phos­phatidyl­choline or PC for short. While cell mem­branes re­pel wa­ter, they ab­sorb PC be­cause they’re ac­tu­ally made of it. As a re­sult, Re­store is de­liv­ered deep into the cell for max­i­mum firm­ing and vol­ume.”

When you ap­ply li­po­some cream to your face, the li­po­somes in the skin cream work their way in­side your skin, fuse with the skin cell mem­branes and then re­lease their con­tents di­rectly to the cells. Reg­u­lar skin creams don’t have this ca­pa­bil­ity.

A For­mula De­signed to Take 10 Years off Your Face in Just 10 Min­utes

Once it’s pen­e­trated the deeper layer of skin, Re­store re­leases a unique blend of botan­i­cals, vi­ta­mins and es­sen­tial oils that re­duces the ap­pear­ance of fine lines and wrin­kles, gives skin a more even tone, and mois­tur­izes the in­te­rior lay­ers of your der­mal cells, firm­ing and plump­ing your skin.

Re­store’s first skin-en­hanc­ing agent is Madonna lily leaf stem cell ex­tract. It helps pro­duce an even-toned com­plex­ion. In a clin­i­cal study re­ported in the Jour­nal of Cos­metic Der­ma­tol­ogy, par­tic­i­pants treated with this ex­tract for 28 days showed im­prove­ments in skin lu­mi­nance and tone around the eyes.

Re­store is also loaded with vi­ta­min C, which British re­searchers have found re­duces both wrin­kles and dry­ness. “In Re­store we use mag­ne­sium ascor­byl phos­phate, a more stable form of vi­ta­min C that doesn’t break down in liq­uid as does or­di­nary C,” ex­plains Dr. Sears. “That means the an­tiox­i­dant mol­e­cules stay in­tact within your skin cells where they can pre­vent dam­age from dan­ger­ous free rad­i­cals.”

This pow­er­ful for­mula also fea­tures guarana seed ex­tract, coen­zyme Q10, and av­o­cado oil. Ja­panese re­searchers have also found that coen­zyme Q10 sup­ports pro­duc­tion of the thin mem­brane that sep­a­rates lay­ers of your skin, and French stud­ies have shown that av­o­cado oil im­proves skin cell me­tab­o­lism and en­hances skin thick­ness.

Where To Get Re­store

Right now the only way to get this pow­er­ful age-de­fy­ing de­liv­ery tech­nol­ogy is through Dr. Sears.

To get life-chang­ing re­sults like Amy and Cathy, buy­ers should con­tact the Sears Health Hot­line at 1-866-793-6190 within the next 48 hours. “We sim­ply don’t have enough sup­ply to get Re­store shipped di­rectly to stores,” said Dr. Sears. “The hot­line al­lows us to ship the prod­uct di­rectly to the cus­tomer – the one who re­ally wants it.”

Dr. Sears feels so strongly about this prod­uct, that he of­fers a 100% mon­ey­back guar­an­tee on ev­ery or­der. “Just send back the bot­tle and any un­used prod­uct within 90 days, and I’ll send you your money back,” said Dr. Sears.

The hot­line will be tak­ing or­ders for the next 48 hours. After that, the phone num­ber will be shut down to al­low them to re­stock.

Call 1-866-793-6190 to se­cure your lim­ited sup­ply of Re­store. You don’t need a pre­scrip­tion, and those who call in the first 24 hours qual­ify for a sig­nif­i­cant dis­count. To take ad­van­tage of this great of­fer use Promo Code NP18DECRS16 when you call in.

Dr. Al Sears with best sell­ing au­thor and health spokesper­son Suzanne Somers in Or­lando, FL.

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