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First of all, to Four More Years Baby, so Democrats are cry­ba­bies? What do you call Trump shut­ting down the gov­ern­ment ev­ery time he doesn’t get his own way? To Info De­pot, you al­ways agree with Lady Di be­cause you’re also a Trump lover who be­lieves ev­ery lie he tells you. And to Sanatoga Sam, Don­nie boy does a good job of his own dis­re­spect­ing the of­fice of the pres­i­dent; he doesn’t need any­one’s help.

Trump’s elec­tion wasn’t about Trump. It was a mid­dle fin­ger in the face of Amer­ica’s rul­ing class. It was a ges­ture of con­tempt, a howl of rage, the end re­sult of decades of self­ish and un­wise de­ci­sions made by self­ish and un­wise lead­ers. Happy coun­tries don’t elect Don­ald Trump pres­i­dent, des­per­ate ones do.

I see the meet­ing they had the other day Pres­i­dent Trump with the Demo­cratic

lead­ers Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, after it was over after Pelosi said no money for the wall good old Chuckie Schumer came out and told a dif­fer­ent story about how it ended. He said the pres­i­dent had a tem­per tantrum and walked out of the meet­ing. And now we’re find­ing out that it didn’t hap­pen. Who are the liars now Democrats? —JT

To say Trump is throw­ing a tantrum when they ap­peared to be do­ing the same is a laugh. Trump just wants to get stuff done that our politi­cians have all agreed on and al­lot­ted in the past. To de­lib­er­ately work against him shows him how much they could care less about us Amer­i­cans. This man spent his hol­i­days in D.C. while the swamp did their own thing. How piti­ful. —Lady Di

In 1836, 200 Tex­ans de­fended the Alamo for 13 days against Mex­i­can forces num­ber­ing in the thou­sands be­cause of what? A wall. —Jim Fitch

Pres­i­dent Trump is the worst pres­i­dent we ever had. He’s do­ing TV every­day. He just loves his job. Trump doesn’t know what he’s do­ing. He has the coun­try all messed up. We have to get rid of him, im­peach him, some­how he has to go. This coun­try is in bad shape be­cause of Don­ald Trump. His ego is so high. He should never have been pres­i­dent. He’s not pres­i­den­tial call­ing peo­ple names, hav­ing all these girl­friends.

This is to the One Who Knows. You ac­tu­ally don’t know any­thing. You said that all il­le­gal crim­i­nals have been stopped at the bor­der by the agents for the year of 2018. Then how do you ex­plain MS13, the gangs in this coun­try from Gu­atemala and Hon­duras gain­ing mem­bers as they are in this coun­try? So you don’t know what you’re talk­ing about One Who Knows.

I was read­ing Tom Hyl­ton’s com­men­tary in Thurs­day’s Mer­cury with his re­marks about the bike lanes. He says we are a car-ori­ented county but things are chang­ing. He also said Pottstown is help­ing to lead the way. He failed to say you never see any­one us­ing the bike lanes, nice days or not. Just an­other waste of money.

I see Don­nie re­jected the Democrats of­fer, so that now makes it a Trump shut­down. Ridicu­lous. —One Who Won­ders Where This Is Go­ing Next

The pic­ture in Thurs­day’s Mer­cury of Rep. Marcy Toe­pel re-elected to the House lead­er­ship post and her hus­band is a very nice pic­ture and a nice write-up. She’s a good per­son.

I have a good idea con­cern­ing tak­ing care of the bor­der. Maybe we ought to build Pelosi and Schumer houses right on the bor­der and maybe things can get taken care of. —Jay P.

Mex­ico just found 20 dead bod­ies near the bor­der and 17 of them were burned. This is con­stantly go­ing on along with ev­ery­thing else. It is tor­ture. It is mur­der. Don­ald Trump when he speaks of them he speaks very po­litely. We need that wall. We need to send most of them back, we don’t need them over here.

I would hope to think that if our na­tion was in a true na­tional emer­gency our cho­sen leader would re­act ASAP to keep us safe. How­ever, our cho­sen so-called leader has been wait­ing weeks to re­spond to a so-called emer­gency which proves there is no emer­gency at all and there is no true leader run­ning our gov­ern­ment.

This is for West Pottsgrove. I agree with who­ever called in about the pool. It was a white ele­phant that the com­mis­sion­ers got on their own with­out the town­ship res­i­dents be­ing in­volved. Also the bridge at Sell Road and Manatawny Street in the park how much money did they pay to have it look rus­tic? Mother Na­ture would’ve taken care of that by her­self.

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