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I’d just like to make a note that when the Democrats took con­trol of the House in 2018 there was no ri­ot­ing, loot­ing, protests, whin­ing, cry­ing.

I’d like to know what these peo­ple who voted Trump into of­fice would think to­day if they had to vote when he has all these peo­ple out of work with no pay. Would they like to be one of them? This man is so evil he should never have been elected pres­i­dent of our coun­try.

By and large Congress is made up of old white rich men who act like big ba­bies, and like big ba­bies they should be changed of­ten.

Maybe Don­ald Trump told 7,000 lies but Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi tell one big one. They say walls which they voted for do not work. The car­a­van peo­ple crossed into Mex­ico but were stopped at Ti­juana. The dif­fer­ence is that we have a wall at San Diego. How would drones in the sky stop any of these peo­ple? The bot­tom line is that we can­not take in ev­ery­one who wants to come. —Log­i­cal Bob

LION, Don­ald Trump is our pres­i­dent. LION, has been for two years. LION, will be for two more. LION, maybe six more. LION, mean­ing Like It Or Not. —Sanatoga Sam LION

If Mr. Trump would pay all his back taxes he might be able to pay for the wall him­self. It’s ridicu­lous what he’s do­ing. —Joe

Hey if any­body in Pottstown wants a free mat­tress and box spring there’s one in the al­ley that runs be­hind the YWCA. It’s been sit­ting out there for three weeks now. So who­ever wants it please you’re wel­come to pick it up.

All you Trump lovers, let’s see what hap­pens when your So­cial Se­cu­rity checks stop. Oh maybe you didn’t think of that. How lucky can we be? Mr. Trump’s liv­ing high on the hog but you peo­ple that love Don­nie OK. —Boyertown

Jan­uary 10 it is at the time of this call. Didn’t the one guy for state rep­re­sen­ta­tive prom­ise the trains brought back right away? Where is the choo choo Joe? — Bruce Madara

We haven’t heard from Brett Ka­vanaugh lately. The for­mer frat boy just squeaked in with the slimmest mar­gin ever to be­come a jus­tice. I’ll bet his best buddy is Clarence Thomas. They have a lot in com­mon. #dis­grace­ful. —Lefty

Trump has said he knows more about the fol­low­ing sub­jects than any­one else — ISIS, courts, trade, taxes, money, in­fra­struc­ture, debt, visa sys­tem, cam­paign finance, so­cial me­dia, con­struc­tion, econ­omy, tech­nol­ogy, drones, and last our fire­fight­ers. He must be the smartest man in the world. Imag­ine if Obama had ever said this. —DP

Amer­i­can kids are go­ing to bed hun­gry be­cause food is be­ing al­lo­cated to those who have taken ad­van­tage of Chrissy Houla­han’s “Open Bor­ders” po­si­tion. —M. Fur­long

Trump says he can re­late to the 800,000 fed­eral em­ploy­ees who aren’t get­ting a pay­check. Af­ter all, he once had to set­tle for a small loan of $1 mil­lion from daddy to get by on. We should all have it so rough. And just for the record any­one who con­sid­ers it a small loan of $1 mil­lion can­not re­late.

Af­ter all these years I thought it was the dryer that was shrink­ing my clothes, come to find out it’s the re­frig­er­a­tor. —Jim Dandy

Imag­ine if an il­le­gal alien com­ing across the Mex­i­can bor­der car­ried the ebola virus or bubonic plague and killed every­body. —Tony Is there any­one who still be­lieves all the Trump lies? He said he would be proud to take the blame for the shut­down. Now he’s blam­ing Democrats. Ev­ery day while cam­paign­ing he said “I guar­an­tee Mex­ico will pay for the wall.” He should march down there and get the check. And what hap­pened to the mid­dle class tax cut right be­fore the midterm elec­tions? Not a word about it now. It was meant to in­flu­ence the elec­tion. Every­thing he says is a lie. Fact Check is his worst en­emy. —Not Jok­ing, Dead Se­ri­ous

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