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The Mercury (Pottstown, PA) - - LOCAL NEWS -

Pres­i­dent Trump gave the State of the Union Ad­dress and said “We are a free coun­try and will never be­come a so­cial­ist na­tion.” I ap­plaud that be­cause peo­ple who work don’t want to stand in line and wait and be told what job to do and be paid some kind of so­cial­ist wage. Peo­ple need to work for a liv­ing, be paid for what they work for not jobs that are made by govern­ment to just fid­dle away time and be non-pro­duc­tive.

The world gets cra­zier ev­ery­day. Two states want to le­gal­ize abor­tions at nine months to kill the baby and Philly wants to open up a fa­cil­ity to shoot up drugs. Surely will help the opi­oid prob­lem.

Is there any­thing as dumb as a mo­tor voter reg­is­tra­tion? What does one have to do with the other? It was only im­ple­mented to pro­mote cheat­ing es­pe­cially for il­le­gals as shown in Cal­i­for­nia. Penn­syl­va­nia dis­cov­ered more than 11,000 il­le­gals reg­is­tered in 2018 and only af­ter the midterms did Gov. Wolf re­lent. He fought it all sum­mer un­til the elec­tion was over and then fi­nally with­drew his ob­jec­tion. —Truth Be Told

I was not im­pressed as the Democrats sat stoic as Pres­i­dent Trump gave his State of the Union ad­dress. The women wore white to cover their dark black hearts when Trump ad­dressed the abor­tion is­sue. These women in white didn’t like it. I was glad the pres­i­dent brought this na­tional dis­grace of baby killing to the at­ten­tion of the elec­torate. —Sanatoga Paul Re­vere

The story of Pottstown is so trag­i­cally sad and all my friends in Pottstown who have lived here for at least 50 years know ex­actly what I’m talk­ing about. Ev­ery so of­ten we see where we’re los­ing what­ever lit­tle bit we have left of Pottstown. It’s just un­be­liev­ably trag­i­cally sad to see a once vi­brant town come to this re­sult. It’s un­be­liev­able.

I’m cu­ri­ous why trac­tor trail­ers and con­struc­tion ve­hi­cles such as dump trucks are al­lowed to travel on Wells Road off Route 724. That road is nar­row in most places and when these ve­hi­cles take their half out of the mid­dle of the road it is very dan­ger­ous. Should be a law.

Our of­fice re­cently had five white pea­cocks stolen. If any­one should hap­pen to see a white pea­cock which are rare in the area please con­tact Ed­ward C. Lomire DMD at 610-845-2664.

Grow­ing up as a kid back in the 70s and even up to about 10 years be­fore to­day, I had never heard of bed­bugs so much. Now all of sud­den you see trucks here in Pottstown and they’re treat­ing for bed­bugs. Where’s this com­ing from all these bed­bugs and who’s bring­ing them here?

There seems to be no end to the Demo­cratic Party and their hypocrisy es­pe­cially what’s hap­pen­ing in Vir­ginia. The gover­nor still hasn’t re­signed, the lieu­tenant gover­nor the at­tor­ney gen­eral. When does it end? And the fact that the Democrats’ mantra is guilty un­til proven in­no­cent es­pe­cially with Judge Ka­van­nagh but it doesn’t seem to ap­ply here. —JT

I’m an­swer­ing Al ask­ing where some­one went to school or who taught them his­tory be­cause he says Abra­ham Lin­coln and the Repub­li­can Party freed the slaves with the Eman­ci­pa­tion Procla­ma­tion Act. That is not re­ally true. The Eman­ci­pa­tion Procla­ma­tion changed the fed­eral le­gal sta­tus of more than three mil­lion en­slaved Amer­i­cans but what re­ally, re­ally ul­ti­mately lib­er­ated all the slaves was the rebel sur­ren­der.

This is to Lefty. The far left Demo­cratic Party lib­er­als now want to ter­mi­nate chil­dren even af­ter they’re born or right up to be­ing born. And as far as cages go with the il­le­gal im­mi­grant chil­dren, they’re not in a cage, they’re in a fenced area. I guess it broke your heart the other day when you heard Trump say that we will never be­come a so­cial­ist coun­try.

To be fair to Don­ald Trump, 67 per­cent of his wives have left him, 100 per­cent of his casi­nos have been bankrupted, 100 per­cent of his uni­ver­si­ties and char­i­ties have been shut down and over 50 per­cent of his other busi­nesses have failed. So the White House staff turnover at 43 per­cent ac­tu­ally means that he’s over per­form­ing as pres­i­dent. —Jay Miller

Did you know that the Amer­i­can Congress decades ago would not let the United States Postal Ser­vice buy he­li­copters and left­over air­craft from Viet­nam be­cause they would cost too much? Now they have to pay to ship. What do you think? Did our Congress do some­thing good or was Trump around back then? —Night Light

Is Trump into driv­ers li­cense re­newal? The other day getting mine I got asked three times if I spoke English. My fam­ily’s been around here since 1749. —Rad­i­cal

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