Su­san Bysiewicz? She is heavy and not my sis­ter

The Middletown Press (Middletown, CT) - - Opinion - By Ser­afín Mén­dez-Mén­dez Ser­afín Mén­dez-Mén­dez is a pro­fes­sor of com­mu­ni­ca­tions at Cen­tral Con­necti­cut State Univer­sity.

I don’t like Su­san Bysiewicz for a va­ri­ety of rea­sons. When­ever an elec­tion comes, I get bom­barded by emails from ev­ery dream­ing can­di­date of all ide­olo­gies at Cen­tral Con­necti­cut State Univer­sity; my work­place. That is her legacy.

As a sec­re­tary of the state, she un­eth­i­cally col­lected the email ad­dresses of thou­sands of state em­ploy­ees. The list it­self has been sub­se­quently sub­mit­ted to a Free­dom of In­for­ma­tion re­quest by all po­lit­i­cal wannabes. Read­ing those emails from ev­ery as­pir­ing can­di­date while on state time, in­stead than fo­cus­ing on an­swer­ing those from my stu­dents is a waste of tax pay­ers money. Thanks Su­san.

As a politi­cian, she has tried to en­tice the Latino com­mu­nity with lim­ited success. Many years ago, my beloved friend John Soto, a hero of our com­mu­nity, held a re­cep­tion for her at his house in Or­ange. He was the owner of Space­craft In­dus­tries, one of the most im­por­tant Latino man­u­fac­tur­ers of avi­a­tion parts in the United States. Sec­re­tary of the State Bysiewicz ar­rived more than an hour late in her state-is­sued Crown Vic­to­ria and her off-the-rack black pumps, treated ev­ery­one with sweet po­lit­i­cal dis­dain, dis­trib­uted busi­ness cards and left as she came.

De­spite hav­ing met her many times be­fore, she still had the so­cial grace of telling me “plea­sure to meet you.” I think it must have been the fifth time she had told me so. Like the church lady from Saturday Night Life says: “Isn´t that nice.”

She has an ar­ro­gance that de­flates me. I once saw her re­turn a plate at a Thai restau­rant three times. Ap­par­ently, it was nei­ther to the taste of her palate or the cus­toms in­stilled in her at Yale or Duke. I scratch my head when the Demo­cratic Party en­dorses a women like Bysiewicz to be the Lieu­tenant Gover­nor. She should not have been be­stowed with that recog­ni­tion. She be­lieves she is en­ti­tled to the po­si­tion and above the com­mon folk.

The good news is for the next elec­tions we have choices.

First, we have Eva Ber­mudez. My fa­vorite as of now. She is only 30 and she doesn’t wear black pumps. Nor is she part of the cor­po­rate le­gal world. Ms. Ber­mudez been a com­mu­nity ac­tivist for most of her pro­fes­sional life both here and in Brazil. As a mem­ber of the Work­ing Fam­i­lies Party, she is fully fa­mil­iar with is­sues of in­come in­equal­ity, poverty, dis­en­fran­chise­ment and the needs of the com­mu­nity and the state. She has walked the walk and un­der­stand those from the work­ing class. She un­der­stand what is to be black, white and Latino poor. She un­der­stand that there are some fun­da­men­tal struc­tural im­bal­ances in Con­necti­cut and what the so­lu­tions may be.

If Eva is not got go­ing to be a can­di­date of choice, there is my dear former stu­dent Erin Ste­ward. She is com­mu­nity-minded, a great ad­min­is­tra­tor, col­orand race-blind and a per­son with a great heart. Look at what Erin has done for New Bri­tain. I have a soft spot in my heart for her.

Su­san Bysiewicz, thinks she can be Ella Grasso. No! We have had some great wo­man politi­cians in the state. Some of them have even great taste in se­lect­ing their shoes. Sub­stance and style go to­gether, I am afraid that with this one we are get­ting none of them.

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