The Middletown Press (Middletown, CT)

Online site to help people get child tax credit


The government has collaborat­ed on a new internet site to help more Americans apply for and receive the expanded child tax credit, a monthly payment of as much as $300 per child that was part of the coronaviru­s relief package. was developed by Code for America in partnershi­p with the White House and Treasury Department, according to a statement Wednesday. The goal is to provide a straight-forward, online form that can be accessible via mobile phones for people who are not legally obligated to file taxes to apply for the tax credit because they don’t earn enough money.

“Our research really shows the simpler you make the process, the more likely people are going to actually successful­ly make it through,” David Newville, senior program director for tax benefits at Code for America, said in an interview.

Based on a demonstrat­ion provided to The Associated Press, it’s possible for a parent to complete the form over the course of just 20 or 25 slides. The online form is also available in Spanish.

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