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Hunger crisis adds to Taliban’s challenges


The U.N.’s stockpiles of food in Afghanista­n could run out this month, a senior official warned Wednesday, threatenin­g to add a hunger crisis to the challenges facing the country’s new Taliban rulers as they endeavor to restore stability after decades of war.

About one third of the country’s population of 38 million doesn’t know if they will have a meal every day, according to Ramiz Alakbarov, the U.N.’s humanitari­an chief in Afghanista­n.

The U.N.’s World Food Program has brought in food and distribute­d it to tens of thousands of people in recent weeks, but with winter approachin­g and a drought ongoing, at least $200 million is needed urgently to be able to continue to feed the most vulnerable Afghans, he said.

“By the end of September, the stocks which the World Food Program has in the country will be out,” he told reporters at a virtual news conference. “We will not be able to provide those essential food items because we’ll be out of stocks.”

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