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Keep the DMV out of electric business


In Hugh Bailey’s column last Sunday, he seemed to agree with Sen. Chris Murphy and other politician­s that a so-called publicly owned electric utility was a better option for Connecticu­t than the privately owned but publicly regulated system now in place.

Even though we were largely bypassed by Hurricane Henri, he referred to last year’s severe power outages caused by Isaias, and others 10 years ago in 2011-12. However, he neglected to mention that for the past 10 years, our current system worked remarkably well.

During that period, we were able to have our homes and offices comfortabl­y heated or cooled by electricit­y. Oil or gas burners will not work without electricit­y. When we get up in the morning, we are able to turn on the lights, take a shower, use the refrigerat­or, make breakfast, charge up phones, and even electric vehicles without a thought.

People may complain that our electricit­y rates are higher than other areas, but compared to what we pay for internet, phone or cable TV, the cost of indispensa­ble electricit­y is remarkably cheap. Neverthele­ss, we take it for granted and complain about the profits and salaries of people who provide us with electricit­y.

Moreover, why would a public utility be any more immune to a devastatin­g hurricane than a private one? In private companies if you do an outstandin­g job, you get a bonus. If you mess up or underperfo­rm, you get demoted or fired. That cannot and does not happen in the public sector.

Our electrical system is working but Bailey and politician­s like Murphy still want to fix it. Perhaps they think it should be run like the Department of Motor Vehicles. Do they remember when Governor Malloy appointed an incompeten­t party hack to run the DMV?

Frank DeStefano Fairfield

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