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UN raises alarm on Taliban crackdown on dissent, journalist­s


The United Nations on Friday sounded the alarm over Taliban crackdowns on peaceful protests, many of them by women demanding equal rights, and journalist­s covering such events.

In one case, two Afghan video journalist­s were beaten with iron rods.

Tagi Daryabi said he and a colleague were covering a protest earlier this week by women demanding their rights from Afghanista­n’s new Taliban rulers. Taliban fighters stopped the two journalist­s, bound their hands and dragged them away to a police station in Kabul’s District Three.

The 22-year-old photograph­er told The Associated Press that the first thing he heard in the station were screams from a nearby room. Several fighters then began beating him and his colleague, 28-year-old Neamatulla­h Naqdi.

At one point, Daryabi said he was beaten non-stop for 10 minutes. “I couldn’t think. I didn’t know if I would be killed or if I would live,” he said, his face and body still bearing the scars.

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