The Middletown Press (Middletown, CT)

Court leak is catnip for those who love a juicy D.C. whodunit


Washington loves a whodunit. And the latest one comes with the stunning plot twist of a leak from the famously buttonedup Supreme Court.

The publicatio­n this past week of a draft opinion that said Roe v. Wade, the landmark 1973 decision establishi­ng a constituti­onal right to abortion in the United States, was wrong from the start and should be overruled, has set off sleuthing from every corner of the capital.

Who could possibly be behind such a glaring breach of trust? Why did that person choose to leak the draft? Why did that person choose a reporter from Politico? Who will investigat­e the matter? Will there be consequenc­es? What will the court’s ultimate opinion say?

Washington, by nature, abhors a vacuum. So the two months before the court actually issues a final ruling will be filled with guesses, surmise, false starts — and maybe even the truth about who is behind the leak.

It’s an intrigue in the tradition of Watergate’s “Deep Throat,” one of Washington’s best-kept secrets for more than three decades; of Iran-Contra, with classified documents spirited out in a secretary’s undergarme­nts; of “Primary Colors,” a roman clef about a certain Southern governor.

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