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Home of the freebies


The recent staged events of Biden’s visit to the border was like any event he attends, prearrange­d, prescripte­d, smoke and mirrors. They sanitized the area from one day to the next, no migrants, no street sleeping, and no trash, everything is good in his empty head.

Why wasn’t he was allowed to see the mess he, Mayorkas and Border Czar Kamala created? This visit wasn’t fact finding, it was fact hiding. Biden’s omnibus had $478 billion going to the border, not for security, but for public assistance for migrants. The new budget pays for other countries’ border walls, not ours. Walls work elsewhere, not here. Funny how they work at Biden’s beach house which cost taxpayers $500,000.

Biden and Democrats have allowed a foreign invasion welcomed with open arms and American taxpayers pay for it. Someone should tell Biden he has the authority to fix it; problem is, he doesn’t want to do what works because that’s what Trump did.

Trump, like him or not, solved the problem, which Biden deliberate­ly dismantled, making the cartels rich. Trump went to the border, listened to profession­als and provided what was needed to make it secure. Biden promised not one more inch of wall would be built, which opened the door for ways to carry fentanyl in.

The DEA seized millions at the border despite 350,000 Americans dying from it, making the world’s largest fentanyl dealer living at 1600 Pennsylvan­ia Ave. In two short years, 5 million illegals have entered from 170 countries, giving them everything Americans have to work for — 40,000 illegals staying at 5-star NYC hotels cost $650,000 per day.

What country in this world opens their doors, paying for housing, medical, travel, phones, attorneys, food, and education? I worked for 50 years paying my taxes and pay $12,000 a year for medical insurance. Sanctuary cities suffer the consequenc­es of liberal leaders, while Americans suffer increased prices on everything, lost 401(k) values, amendment rights, and live under this socialist regime that tells us what to eat, learn, drive, and cook with.

Anyone who voted for this administra­tion should be responsibl­e for taking in illegal families and all struggling Americans in this economy should rethink who they vote for in elections. America used to be the home of the free, now it’s the freebies. Vincent Cirillo


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