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Against Vision Zero


Again, some of our lawmakers are up to their old sly tricks at the state Capitol. A group with the unlikely name of “Vision Zero Council” and comprised of only state employees, and no one from the general public, has formulated HB 5917, “An Act Implementi­ng The Recommenda­tions Of The Vision Zero Council.”

This group has put together a number of measures that includes the installati­on of red light cameras at certain intersecti­ons (which will most definitely negatively impact the inner cities), the installati­on of speed cameras (an obvious invasion of personal privacy), a universal helmet bill for motorcycli­sts (with absolutely no reliable documented data to back this up), increased powers for the commission­er of transporta­tion under eminent domain, as well as mandated state programs for municipali­ties without any additional state funding. Most of these proposals have a long legislativ­e history with little or no success, at best. Many lawmakers refer to such legislatio­n as a “Christmas tree” bill.

With little or no private sector input, Gov. Lamont is trying an end round vote on very obviously unpopular issues. According to the Webster dictionary, “zero vision” is defined as “without sight.” Obviously, this group has lost sight of public concerns and wishes, or at minimum, could care less about any public input.

Speaking of Webster, the governor wants to replace Nathan Hale, Connecticu­t’s state hero, with the aforementi­oned father of the dictionary, Noah Webster. Even the dictionary doesn’t equate it’s founder with a heroic deed.

I urge those who have a concern with this dastardly proposal to contact their own state representa­tive and let them know that you strongly oppose this House Bill 5917, and the extent of the negative fallout it will bring about. Leave a message at minimum, and courteousl­y so, too. This is about control, not about representi­ng the best interests of the constituen­cy. Make no mistake about this.

Geoff Viscount Milford

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