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Conn. lobster rolls make list of best in New England

- By Leeanne Griffin STAFF WRITER

Two Connecticu­t lobster rolls are among the best in New England, according to Eat This, Not That!.

The food website consulted with chefs to get their takes on the best lobster rolls in the region, and seafood shacks in Litchfield and Middlesex County ended up on the list of the best dozen in New England’s coastal states.

Chef Adrienne Lufkin, the founder of granola company Struesli, recommende­d West Shore Seafood in Bantam. “It’s open seasonally with an awesome selection of super fresh seafood in a casual, family-friendly, outdoor dining experience,” Lufkin told the website. “The buttered, grilled rolls are brimming with fresh lobster meat served hot or cold, both delicious.”

Chef Michael DeLone of Nunzio in Collingswo­od, N.J., picked Lobster Landing in Clinton.

“I always personally go for the warm, butterkiss­ed, lemon-scented gobs of tail, knuckle, and claw meat in a perfectly toasted split top potato hot dog bun—and that’s what this lobster roll is,” he told the website. (The chef, who specialize­s in Italian cuisine, also suggested adding a teaspoon or two of his sun-dried tomato oil.)

West Shore Seafood recently opened for its 16th season, with an expanded menu and a new chef. Sandwiches range from traditiona­l lobster rolls — served warm with melted butter or cold with mayo — to fried fish, grilled swordfish, a salmon BLT or a Cajun shrimp wrap, and grilled chicken or an Angus burger, all served with homemade coleslaw.

Lobster Landing’s charming seafood shack is often photograph­ed to depict the quintessen­tial vibe of coastal Connecticu­t, especially with the slightly tilted “O” on its sign. The seasonal restaurant, with outdoor seating overlookin­g a marina, is known for its simple hot lobster roll recipe, served on a grill-toasted roll with melted butter and a squeeze of lemon.

Other lobster rolls honored on the “best of” list included picks from Portland, Kennebunkp­ort and Bar Harbor, Maine; Boston; Nantucket; Cape Cod; Rockport, Massachuse­tts and Newport, Rhode Island.

With prior reporting by Emily M. Olson.

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