Huh? Ecol­o­gist makes no sense

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In an ar­ti­cle by Jim Carl­ton in the Wall Street Jour­nal (“Trump ad­min­is­tra­tion seeks au­thor­ity for more log­ging to fight fire dan­ger,” Nov. 21), a re­search ecol­o­gist, Chad Han­son, from the John Muir Project of Bear City, is quoted as say­ing for­est “thin­ning ac­tu­ally in­creases the wild fire risk by tak­ing out stands of trees that can serve as a buf­fer to high winds.”

Ba­sic physics tells you that heat, and with it flames, rise; in “high winds” this would tend to ig­nite taller fuel, which, if ad­di­tional taller fuel were in prox­im­ity, would have the fire progress in the di­rec­tion of the wind­driven fuel. Hav­ing fought two wild­fires in my youth, I can at­test to this fact.

Han­son’s inane state­ment ex­em­pli­fies the false and disin­gen­u­ous in­for­ma­tion fed to the pub­lic by many en­vi­ron­men­tal groups in or­der to ad­vance their agenda. What their agenda is is not clear, but it cer­tainly has noth­ing to do with en­vi­ron­men­tal preser­va­tion. – Charles R. Shetron, Oak­dale

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